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4 Things Londoners Don't Use But Don't Want To Throw Away
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4 Things Londoners Don\'t Use But Don\'t Want To Throw Away

Just before the summer to begin, we need to have everything in our homes and ordered and cleaned. Most people reorder and clean their whole places twice a year - in the spring and in the fall. How to do it? Is there an easier way to perform that procedure and to achieve better results? How to get rid of the things in the garage which we don't need?

The first couple of tips are related to the rearrangement of the garage. How this should be done and what sort of time it's normal for the procedure to take?

If we have a one-car garage, like most Londoners, an hour should be enough for the place to be reordered and cleaned.

Have your family helping you. An extra pair of hands is never too much.

Take all your stuff outside and arrange them in groups. Of course, everyone can have it's own groups and order but just to give you an idea of what they may be, here is a small list:

- Gardening tools

- Sports equipment

- Bikes and riding equipment

- Christmas decoration

- Tools

- Stuff you do not need

In order to make these several piles of stuff, take everything outside, on the street, and order them. The last pile - the things that you don't need, you have to take and donate or simply throw away. If there are junks that need special care and attention, call the authorities and see where similar junk should be thrown away in your town. Usually, there are rules about that so follow them.

The one you don't want to throw away, donate.

Top things you'll never use again

  • The kids' toys

We all know the sentimental value these have but let's face it shall we - these will never be used again. The kids these days have different games and toys. The one from our time will not even make an impression to a modern child. Keep one or two, but the rest simply donate. You will never use these.

  • Your old jacket from high school (in case you're a male)

This is the one you loved, the one that all the girls loved too. This is the jacket that used to make you so cool. However, it is now over 20 years old and want it or not, it is not cool any more. Not even slightly. Throw it away and purchase a new one for your own good.

  • Old car parts

Let me guess, you keep these because they will, hopefully, be useful one day. When exactly and how, you don't know, but one day, probably. When the time for you to use these come, they'll be useless. These parts are old, they are not even safe to use, they'll hardly fit and their replacements are not that expensive. The thing to do with them is to throw them away or even better, give them for recycling.

  • Old furniture you do not need

We replace our old furniture almost every season. The old one, some of us do not throw away and keep. This is OK for a season or two, but if you have a couch which is 20 years old, you'd better give it to some poor people. It will do a much better job and will be much more helpful there than with you.

When everything is outside and sorted, clean the garage door and the floor. You may use a pressure washing for that. Most professional cleaners, recommend such procedure to be performed only by people who are well aware of the safety measure which should be taken.

Once the place cleaned, reorder everything and put it back in the garage. You will have a lot of extra space for your car or for new junk.

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