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Father Daughter Relationships Be Your Daughter’s Hero
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Father Daughter Relationships Be Your Daughter’s Hero

A Father Is The Most Important Person In A Girl’s Life

A father is the yardstick against which each girl measures every other man in her life. If you get it wrong you will, without a doubt damage her for life.

Your daughter starts off believing that you are strong and wise and kind. After all this is how the storybooks portray fathers. She trusts you implicitly to make the right decisions for the family and give her a good life.

From the time she is a baby your daughter looks to you for protection and guidance and as she watches you she develops her core values as to how a man treats a woman. If you treat her mother and sisters with kindness, respect and compassion this will become her norm and she will seek the same from the males that come into her life. If anyone treats her differently to this, the treatment will be alien to her and she will not accept it.

Father Daughter Relationships

However, if you, the father, treat her mothers and sisters with violence and disrespect this will become your daughter’s norm and no-matter how hard she tries to escape it, the sad reality is that people eventually tend to seek their ‘home’, their normality. This is why there is such a vicious circle and so many people end back in the same environment that they started in. Although many are determined to make a different life for themselves and actually escape for a while, when the going gets tough they tend to give up and go back to what they know.

Also, if the father daughter relationship is destructive the daughter is likely to spend so much time focusing on what she doesn’t want for her own children that, based on the universal law of attraction, she attracts more of what she doesn’t want and ends up in the type of relationship that she is seeking to avoid.

Role Of The Father

It is important that a father never loses sight of what the role of a father involves and this is to develop a strong and independent woman, who is happy in herself and a valuable member of society.

The journey to get to this point is always a challenge and is often exhausting as daughters, as they grow, will constantly challenge your authority and push the boundaries. You must remember though, as your daughter screams abuse at you and rushes from the room when you refuse to allow her go to, say a party, where there will be alcohol when she is 17, that you know best. You know from experience what can happen when young boys and girls get intoxicated in the company of each other and you know the risks associated with alcohol and driving. Your daughter does not. All she knows, at this moment, is the desire for instant gratification. Provided that there are open lines of communication between you, you can make sure that your daughter knows that you do not deny her things to make her life difficult but make every decision based on what you believe is best for her safety and development. Deep inside your daughter knows this already but hearing you constantly say it will give her a great sense of her own value and will help avoid much of the negative self-image that drives teenage girls into adownward spiral of depression. It will also further imprint you, in her subconscious, as her hero.

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