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My Daughter, The Brat
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 I have come to the conclusion that my daughter is a brat.

 Here I sit, trying to work, and earn an income for my family, while finding a source of income so that my girlfriend can quit her job, and stay at home with me all day, and my fifteen year old daughter is pestering the heck out of me. I am not sure just why she is so drawn to this room, that she feels the need to spend every waking moment in here, yet there she sit's, on the edge of the bed, scanning through all the Disney/Teen channels that DirectTV has to offer.

 Some would say that I am a lucky an, to have such a great daughter, but i have to tell you right now, that it is truly a full time job. I think the worse pat of all of this, is that she is starting to get my sense of humour, and she is turning it around on me half the time, using my own methods against me.

She has always been such a great, quiet child, and then sometime, around two years ago, her brain just exploded, and she has turned into this little monster, spawned in the depths of hell, constantly needing attention, and wanting me to spend money on her, for things like food, and clothes, and stuff like that. Can you imagine ?

I really couldnt ask for a better child, and she has always been a real joy, but dont tell her that, or she is liable to start asking for more stuff, and wanting more money spent on her.

On another note, we took her to the Dr last week, after I noticed that the left side of her face was swollen, just above the cheekline(her brain was trying to escape from her head, thru her face.), and the Dr was never quite clear just what it was that was causing the strange protrusion in her face. The Dr (SHE, BLONDE) did send her home with some Ibuprofen in liquid form, and quickly left the room. As we stumbled out of the little examination room, we did notice the Dr sanitizing herself, in a small sink in another room. Should we be worried ? As a safety precaution, i told her that she couldnt kiss her boyfriend until it cleared up. She wasnt happy at all about that.

  Ok, I have been writing these stupid articles all day, without the least amount of any formal training, and you just keep right on reading this drivel. After six articles, one would hope that i was getting at least a bit better at it. I am only supposed to be writing one article a day, but am really enjoying this, and the creative juices really seem to be flowing, so i probably should just keep on writing (typing, technically), until you run from the room screaming and pulling your hair out, at the very least.  Am I close yet.....

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teenagers are an endless source of joy... don't you think :D

  about 1 decade ago

This is really good Theron-lol

  about 1 decade ago

thanks becky, shooting from the hip.....everything I know about writing I learned in Kindergarten.

  about 1 decade ago

lol Pretty good. -keep writing. Look forward to reading more

  about 1 decade ago
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