When He Says 'i Love You' To Your Teenage Daughter!
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When He Says \'i Love You\' To Your Teenage Daughter!

Dad, what to do when he says 'I love you' to your daughter...and they are both 14?

I read this on my daughter's iPod last night. It was the last thing her 'shining knight in armor' said. Gratefully she did not respond to it. What would you do in this situation?


I'm not preaching here, only telling what we do in our family. Texting is a fun way of communicating, no question. I'm a big 'texter' myself. It appears to me, however, in the hands of a teenager who's brain is literally still developing, that if the texting is left unchecked, it can become addicting and thoughts can be shared that otherwise would never be said out loud in person. Would this boy have said this to my daughter's face?

To text it is too easy. I've talked with my daughter about the traps of texting. I'm hoping that having that visit is what kept her from responding to him immediately and maybe saying something she might regret down the road.

Don't Be Afraid To Step IN

Especially when things come up like 'when he says I love you'. You may think you need to give your teenager space, but nothing is further from the truth. be involved and talk about everything- even when you feel like they are putting you off- especially with your daughters. They crave most of all guidance from Dad.

Set Your Rules And Stick To It!

iPods or iPhones are a major privilege in our house hold with strict rules. When they are crossed these devices are confiscated for long periods of time...so it hurts. The point is there must be standards that 'stick'.

Things have worked out pretty well at for my household. There have been a couple rules tested and broken over the last yer, BUT I've discover it you stick to your 'guns of discipline' you'll find they will discipline themselves. When they push against the fence, DO NOT move the fence line!

Time To Talk

When he says, 'I love you,'...Its time to talk! Don't be afraid, Dad. She's waiting for it. She knows it is coming and she will be disappointed in you if you don't. Trust me. I am so looking forward to tonight when I visit with her about what 'I love you' to her and maybe what it means to Dad:).

Hang In There Dad!

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