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The best fiction books are always up for debate but the masses have spoken on many Authors. Here is my take on the what books really do classify as works of the best fiction in the industry.

Brandon Sanderson has written some of those most highly prized works ofliteraturethat isavailableon the market. His books are just becoming well known to the general populace and he is on track to become the next big author in the world. His best works are debatable but for me it has the be the Way of Kings. His other novels are amazing as well and i highly recommend that you checkout the Mistborn series.

The next author that has to be on the list is Jack Campbell for his amazing work on the Lost Fleet series. His great understanding of military tactics and of space warfare made for a great and intense science fiction read. The series is 5 books and some of the details seem to be a bit to detailed in his books yet they will not bore you as action is always around the corner. If you have not read a good science fiction book in a while Irecommend checking out the Lost Fleet series.

J.K. Rowling has to be mentioned for her great work with Harry potter. The books are a great way for someone to escape the day and lead a very exciting end in each book. What i loved most about the books was that you could really feel the characters age as Rowling's writing changed to show a different sense of age and maturity.

Steven King is another amazing author that can capture the ming of the reader and move them into a world of fantasy. My favorite book from him was Misery. Many people have become quickly addicted to King's writings and when he had a stroke many worried he may die before telling the end to one of his greater epics. His name is world known so he may be the author of the best fiction books.

As for me it has to go back to Brandon Sanderson. Everyone of his books was amazing and i would recommend it to anyone. Not only do they keep the reader imagination going but he makes it hard to put the book down. As he is now writing now in video games and helping create a script for a new movie based off the Mistborn trilogy he can only produce more amazing works in the future. I highly recommend reading Brandon Sanderson's works as they are the best fiction books.

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I obviously don't explore enough... Great to find someone else that enjoys Brandon works!

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