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The Romanov Prohecy By Steve Berry Book Review
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As a Russian history buff I was intrigued by the title of the book, The Romanov Prophecy.

Set in contemporary times after the fall of Communism and the failure of weak governments the Russian people have voted in a referendum to reinstate the monarchy and a new Tsar. The new Tsar is to be chosen from among the descendants of the Nicholas II.

A lawyer from Atlanta, Miles Lord is with his law firm tasked with doing background checks on all the claimants to the throne.

The book provides good action and what every book of this style needs a betrayal.

Some of the better aspects of the book are the accurate portrayal of what Nicholas II really was. Many of us have the 80 years or more of anti communist propaganda and how Nicholas was some sort of great ruler.

The truth is that the only thing that makes him look good is tha the Communists were worse.

To the actual story of The Romanov Prophecy surrounds the massacre of the Romanovs and the myths about the escape of Anastasia and Alexei, the youngest children of Nicholas and Alexandra. Also giving fictional accounts to why two bodies were missing when the Romanovs were exhumed in 1991.

The executioners knowing what would happen if it was ever found out that two of the Romanovs escaped.

The pretender Anna Anderson is mentioned as is her being discredited through DNA testing.

A prophecy by the infamous Rasputin about how they might have survived and were rescued.

Miles Lord, as with every good hero defies the wishes of his employer in backing his firms preferred Tsar follows on a trail left by Felix Yussoupov to find out who is truly the rightful heir to the throne and title of Tsar of all Russia. He needs to find anything that would impugn their chosen candidate's claim to the throne.

With several attempts made on his life Lord, is stuck in a foreign land as he teams up with a beautiful woman Akilina who he meets in one of his many escapes from death. Unlike other books of this type, he never sleeps with the woman. I kept expecting that to happen and it never did.

A fun book to read a break from my favorite fiction author Tom Clancy. If you're a Russian History enthusiast or simply need some good entertainment on a long plane ride pick up the book and enjoy.

Let it be known though that no one truly did escape the massacre of the Romanovs, bone fragments of the two remaining children were found in 2007 and DNA testing confirmed their identities as Alexei and one of his sisters.

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