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5 Great Festive Charity Gifts
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5 Great Festive Charity Gifts

Let's not beat around the bush here, Christmas is just around the corner whether you like it or not! But this year, why not give an interesting and innovative charity gift instead of the usual socks and shower gel?

The money you spend on a charity gift goes directly to people or animals that need your help, plus you'll be surprised what kind of gifts you can pick up at amazing prices -

1. RSPB Membership

Christmas is the perfect time to take a stroll around one of over hundred RSPB nature reserves around the country, giving everyone a chance to see a robin in the picture perfect surroundings that only a British winter can provide.

2. NSPCC Letter From Santa

Perfect for a child (or big kid), a hand written letter from Santa is the perfect gift for somebody who has been good this year, whilst of course raising much needed funds to protect children around the country.

3. Adopt a Polar Bear

An animal adoption is a great way to stir up a child's interest in nature, so for a small monthly fee you can a give a fantastic gift that is both cute and educational. Throughout the year you receive updates and magazines on how your animal is doing, plus the cuddly polar bear toy is sure to go down well with all ages

4. Christmas Cards and Wrapping from CRUK Shop

Instead of buying your gift wrap and seasonal greetings cards from a big multinational company, why not purchase them from a charitable organisation. Cancer Research online shop stock loads of Christmas goodies, including things to hang on the tree that provide them with donations.

5. National Trust Membership

A membership with this great organisation allows you free entry into over 300 historic houses and over 600,000 acres of countryside, perfect for during the holiday season. Your small monthly fee allows the National Trust to truly keep Britain great, as they restore and maintain some of the countries most historic sites for future generations to enjoy.

Making a charitable gift, like those I've highlighted in this post can make quite a difference from the typical bottle of Brut or Old Spice aftershave! Why not transform Christmas for someone and instead of being referred to as the relative that got the present that went in the bin the quickest, become this year’s talking point. Whether it's a NSPCC Letter from Santa or a polar bear adoption it doesn't matter. It's simply a fantastic way to give money to an organization that is helping animals and people all over the world. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Great ideas! Heifer International is an awesome charity to donate to as well making a great gift for anyone. Heifer supports families in need by providing them with animals that give them a steady source of food and income.

  about 1 decade ago
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