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Your First Charter Boat Cruise - Charter A Catamaran
The Charter Catamaran If you are prone to a little sea sickness or it is your first charter adventure, a catamaran is probably the better choice. The debate still rages fiercely among sailors trying to decide which is the better boat and although I have always sailed on mono hulls,…
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7 Attributes Of A Charter Sailboat/Motor Yacht Captain - Stay Cool No Matter What
So you are thinking of becoming a charter boat captain, but do you possess the temperament to be successful? Now that you have qualified for your captain’s ticket it's time to command your own vessel and with a willing crew make your first charter a success. A great trip is…
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5 Tips for Driving In France
When driving in France, it’s best to remember that a few things change. One notable difference (as a British writer) is that they drive on the right hand side of the road, and this can throw you off, on the first roundabout you come to! Once that's been overcome, and…
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Uniqueness Of Incredible Goa Honeymoon Packages
Honeymoon is the unforgettable and valued holiday for the newly married couples. It is a joy for the newly married couples, which is celebrated after the wedding ceremony. It is a stage which gives the couples enough time to come closer to each other. Goa, with an astonishing beauty, is…
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