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Aquaponics at Home
In the world of organic plant life aquaponics at home is a relatively new craze. It is a system that creates Eco-systems where fish support the life an growth of plants and vice-versa. I was already an amateur hydroponics enthusiast when I stumbled upon aquaponics and it was very hard…
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Aquaponic Carrots
There are many different vegetables you can successfully harvest with aquaponics but this posting is going to concentrate on aquaponic carrots. The first step you should take when attempting aquaponic carrots is to fill a bed with gravel ( a choice of medium for aquaponics systems. Fill the bed as…
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Aquaponics Koi
This write up will cover the aquaponics Koi breed of fish and how well it works inside the system. Firstly, Aquaponics is a near enough self efficient eco system that is driven by fish and plant-life. The fishes waste is fed through water to the plants roots and in the…
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