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Aquaponics Koi
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Aquaponics Koi

This write up will cover the aquaponics Koi breed of fish and how well it works inside the system. Firstly, Aquaponics is a near enough self efficient eco system that is driven by fish and plant-life. The fishes waste is fed through water to the plants roots and in the process turned to nutrients. This way you end up with organic, nutrient full plants of high quality.

Aquaponics Koi is just one of the many breeds of fish you can use in an aquaponics system - each species of fish brings it's own advantages and down-sides. The Koi fish is also known as 'Nishikigoi' and are the results of different breeds of carp cross-breeding over hundreds of years.

In the Asian areas ( most commonly Japan ) the aquaponics Koi comes in the form of pure, brilliant white. Here it is not known as Koi but as 'Kohaku'. In the USA 'Ogons' are a very popular breed of Koi to use as aquaponics Koi - I only mentioned these because the only time I saw them used they were very eye catching. The fish look like they have been forged by a black-smith - they have a very unique metalic look to them and are quite distinctive.

As far as feeding aquaponics Koi you do have a few choices you can go for. If you go for the species specific fish food from the local fish farm or aquarium store you will be inserting particular chemicals into your aquaponics system. Although these chemicals will be very minimal it will take away from your final organic results. My advice would be to go far a live, organic food to feed your aquaponics Koi, something like fresh earthworms will do fine.

If you are looking for edible fish to use inside your aquaponics system then you may not want to chose Koi as your choice of fish. Why is this? Well Koi are widely considered as an ornamental kind of fish. This is not to say they taste awful because this is not the case - it's just a shame in my book to use such an impressive fish as food when it can be powering your aquaponics system.

Koi are popular for aquaponics systems because they are very resistant to various types of water and conditions. Another benefit is that aquaponics Koi can be sold for a healthy profit to people you know or to pet fish stores after a couple of years use in an aquaponics setup. Just buy more Koi and start again with a small profit left over.

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