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Betta Fish Breeding
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Betta Fish Breeding

It is not uncommon that betta fish breeding is a plan that people often tackle once they have been keeping bettas for awhile. The reasons for trying it are easy to see. Bettas are such fun fish that arb full of personality. There fins and bodies are full of colors and new strains are being released every year. It can be fun to try crossing different tail types or colors of bettas to see if you will get some Siamese fighting fish that are completely novel and new!

Breeding bettas isn't necessarily easy to do, though, so some tips from a successful breeder can be very helpful when you are just getting started. First of all you should choose your male and female bettas. They should both be healthy without any signs of infection or betta diseases. If their colors are bright and they are swimming around with lots of energy and their fins don't have tears or rips then they are likely healthy enough to try breeding.

Too many people try betta fish breeding randomly without properly preparing the fish but this can result in aggressive behavior or the loss of full spawns from the father eating the eggs or fry. To condition the bettas you should change their water every few days, keep them in at least 1 gallon of water, and provide a variety of live fish foods. The best foods are ones that are a great source of protein and fats since the fish will likely go several days without eating during the spawning process. Siamese fighting fish taht are being conditioned for breeding are likely to snap up live and frozen foods including blood worms, grindal worms, white worms, and many others. A high quality betta pellet food should still be used as well.

Preparing the spawning tank is the final betta breeding tip to be discussed. The most successful breeders in North America use a bare bottom tank with no gravel. A heater should keep the four to five inches of water at 81 degrees Fahrenheit. A sponge filter can be used in one corner but is best if the bubble rate is kept low. Add a few live plants to use up nitrates and provide cover for the female if she is feeling threatened. Finally, you need to provide a place for the male to build a bubble nest which will hold the eggs. Either a half of a styrofoam cup or a dried Indian almond leaf will work well. Some people like to use Indian almond leaf extract to condition the water as well.

If you follow these betta fish breeding tips you will have a much improved chance of successfully spawning your Siamese fighting fish. Don't be discouraged if you don't get betta fry on your first attempt since it can take a few tries to learn the ropes!

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