Betta Fish Care Sheet
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Betta Fish Care Sheet

Bettas- known for their bright colors and long fins have been used in the past for Japanese fish fighting. This fish is typically a starter fish, or gateway fish. This is due to it being easy to care for and requiring very little for set up.

Bettas are hardy fish that can live anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

You can house them in a simple 1 gallon tank or you can house them in a larger one. The key to this is how often do you plan to change the water? If you have no filtration and put the fish in a smaller vase, you will have to change the water out more frequently. There are debates over the life line of a betta that is contained in a small tank versus larger aquariums. I would go further into tank size, but that would be a post on its own that I may introduce at a later time.

You will need:

• A Net

• A tank

• Water Conditioner

• Appropriate Food

• Gravel and Décor

• One Betta***

***Bettas are a territorial fish. If you combine two, they will fight.

(If your home is kept at a reasonable temperature, you should be fine without a heater. They prefer the water to be anywhere for 75F to 82F.)

(You can get a water test kit if you wish, but Petsmart will test the water for you if you take in a sample.)

(When feeding, just one or two pellets twice a day will do. Bettas do not eat a lot. The more you overfeed, the more you will have to clean out his home.)


• They breathe from the surface.

• They attack mirrors and bright colored fish.

• Males will create a bubble nest at the tops of tanks.

• You cannot keep male and female betas together.

Fun Facts:

• In the 1800’s, Bettas were bred to fight.

• Since Bettas lived in low oxygenated areas, they formed a unique organ called the labyrinth. This allows them to breathe air.

• Bettas are insectivores.

• Inserting a small mirror into the tank for an hour a day will strengthen the betas fins and help them grow.

• Bettas are egg layers.

• The male betta will drive the female away after mating and then take care of the eggs.

• The scientific name is Betta Splendens.

• Bettas originated from Southeast Asia.

Overall this is a great starter fish. I remember bringing home my first betta. There are so many breeds to choose from and you will learn that they all form their own independent personality. The colors and styles vary greatly. If you are looking for a fish and wanting something basic, this is for you.

Street Talk

Vernon L  

I really never knew the name of these fish even though I always own one. it was their colors and their aggressiveness that attracted me to them. Your article have really educated me on them. Thanks for the info!

  about 8 years ago
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