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Custom Betta Art - Betta Sculptures, Paintings, Stained Glass, And More
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Have you found yourself wondering what the options are for custom betta art? Many betta keepers do after they become crazy about bettas and learn how fun these fish can be to keep. We call this the 'betta bug' or 'betta fever' and it has many symptoms you may be familiar with. It includes buying more and more Siamese fighting fish, talking to your fish when no one is looking, and breeding more fish than you possibly know what to do with!

One of the final symptoms you get when you catch the betta bug is the urge to expand your collection to include custom betta art! Fortunately there are many ways you can do this thanks to the internet. Artists love bettas too, and often make betta fish artwork that can be purchased by people like you and me.

Betta art, therefore, comes in a variety of forms. Betta sculptures are loved by people all over the world. They are usually small and sized to fit on your desk at work or your dresser at home. Brightly painted, they are a great gift for kids and adults alike. Unlike real betta fish they will live forever, always bringing joy to their owners. Betta sculptures can be found in veil-tail, half-moon, and even crown-tail varieties and may be made of glass, wood, clay, or many other substances.

custom betta art can also be paintings - another popular choice. Just one quick look on eBay finds several artists selling both small and large paintings of bettas (and even other species of fish too). Some of the best ones are post-card sized yet full of detail and fun!

Stained glass betta art is hard to find most of the time, but some people have made suncatchers and window panels featuring the wonderful Siamese fighting fish. The benefit of stained glass is that there are so many different textures and colors of glass for the artist to choose from. Unfortunately, crowntail bettas would be almost impossible to replicate in stained glass, but half-moons, double-tails, and veil-tail varieties are much easier to make.

When choosing an artist to purchase from, always be sure to look at the testimonials of previous buyers. If most of them have been happy you can rest assured that you are buying from a reputable seller and a fine artist. Try to see if you can get close up pictures of the different pieces to look for any defects before buying any art online.

Whatever style of custom betta art you choose to go with, betta fish fever is a hard illness to get over so try not to go overboard when you buy paintings, sculptures, and other art that features the magnificent betta fish!

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