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Keeping Healthy Tropical Fish And Identifying Common Illnesses
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There are hundreds of different ailments and diseases that tropical fish can have and some species of tropical fish are more susceptible to certain diseases than other species. So it might be a good idea to research what illnesses a particular species of tropical fish is more susceptible to before committing to buying them. One example of this are a tropical fish species commonly known as black mollies from the Poeciliidae family. These fish are highly susceptible to a disease known as white spot which can be caused by stess, and as the name suggests is identifed by white patches or spots on the body of black mollies. As soon as the white spots are noticed a course of treatment should be started such as one called anti white spot. This is relatively inexpnsive and can be purchased from your local pet/fish supplier or alternatively online. Please note that it is important to follow instructions carefully and complete the course of treatment or the white spot will simplpy return.

Another common tropical fish disease is known as new tank syndrome. The symptoms of this are that your tropical aquarium has recently been setup, your tropical fish have been introduced and seem healthy, then they start dying with no apparent signs of illness. This could be caused by the filter not having had enough time to break down the additives that cn be present in tap water and also that the filter has not had enough time to produce the bacteria that is vital for good tropical fish health. Again a course of treatment such as aquarium fresh start should put a stop to the loss of any more tropical fish, this is available from your local pet/fish supplier or online. Also follow any instructions given carefully and complete the prescribed course to ensure no further loss of your tropical fish.

ICK is a common disease but is easily treated if caught early. Symptoms of this are small white pustulates similar to grains of salt covering the body and fins, and the fish seeming to be scratching themselves against things. Treatment is delivered by a course of medicine which can be obtained from your local pet/fish supplier or online. There will be different types of medicine available for the same ailment so ask for advice for your particular situation. Especially with this medication as some types are dangerous to invertebrates.

I hope you have found this article interesting and informative regarding the subject of tropical fish health. As previously said there are many common ailments and diseases in tropical fish care, and here we have covered a small number of them.

Thank you for reading.

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