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Maintaining A Marine Tank
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So you decided to start a marine tank in your home, that's a great choice you made you will not be dissapointed once you've fully completed the set up and everything is up and running, Its one of the most fascinating things. Its like taking a piece of the ocean and placing it in your home. Keeping Saltwater fish can be one of the greatest additive to your home or office, whether its for relaxation, personal interest or you just want to spice up the look in a certain room , whatever it might be you can never go wrong. They are just fascinating from all the attractive colors and shapes of the corals to all the bizarre colored and shaped fish.

However maintaing a steady marine tank can be difficult or frustrating at times specially if your getting into Corals or trying to keep more moderate fish from the butterfly or angel families, therefore taking it step by step is very crucial don't bite off more then you can chew. People might of heard that maintaining a marine tank is very time consuming, difficult and expensive, but that's not necessarily true. If the proper research is done before purchasing what a marine tanks require and before setting up exactly whats required its not as stressful as it may seem,If you get the set up done correctly, you will encounter very minimum casualties.

I think those opinions mainly come from people did not do much research when they started had no experience about whats need, went out bought the equipment they thought is needed added the water and threw some fish in the tank and expected them to live happily ever after. If you take a look at a experienced hobbyist you will notice he does very little work like changing filter pads and the water about once a month.

Most people that do this with no knowledge about how to take care of there fish seem to fail and give up there for they consider it hard . For instance marine fish are very sensitive to change, there not like freshwater fish, therefore the process of introducing your marine fish to your aquarium when purchased at a local store is a process that takes about 30 minutes or more. If you just take the fish home and dump the poor guy in the water including the water in the bag that's going to lead to drastic things that's a big no no. Thats how fish get stressed which then stress leads to sicknesses and death and that leads to money wasted and a unhappy hobbyist.

That is why i cannot stress enough about doing as much as research as possible before starting your marine tank. So you are able to address every situation properly like changing the water, introducing your fish to your aquarium, feeding them properly...etc. Its best to obtain the largest aquarium possible minimum of around 50 gallons, because the larger the aquarium the less time it takes for it to get dirty.

If you are on beginner or on a low budget i do not recommend that because the larger the tank the more expensive the equipment, for example a filter for a 20 gallon tank is much less expensive then say for a 60 gallon and filters are just a few of the things you will be needing.

So with all that said make sure you do your research find out what your required for you setup, and what type of fish you will be keeping because not all fish get along some bigger fish might love to have little nemo for lunch for instance the poisonous lion fish will swallow him in one gulp quicker then you can blink. There are 3 different types of setups you may have fish only, fish only with live rocks and my very own favorite reef tank.

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