Algae Bloom
Is this a problem we can ignore. If we do it will be at our own peril. In a report which is now several years old it…
Secrets To Catching Big Bass
What are some of my secrets to catch big bass. I've been lucky through the years and have caught many big bass in the…
3 Tips On Catching Rainbow Trout Out Of Stocked
As a fisher person one of the fish I love to go after and have for a long time is stocked rainbow trout. It can be…
Fishing Trophy Walleye
In the months from late March through late October thousands of fishermen come to the shores of Lake Erie. They return…
How to Build A Fly Fishing Leader
When getting ready to go fly fishing the leader is the last thing to get added to the fly line and if you don't know…
Northern Pike Fishing Tips- Trophies In Rivers
Too many people under estimate and dont think they need Northern Pike fishing tips. At the end of the day almost anyone…
Fishing Articles (221)
Rigging It Right For Inshore Fishing
To catch fish consistently you need to know how to rig properly with the correct tackle. When fishing Inshore I use 2 different rigs. The first rig is very simply called a Free Line Rig. This is exactly what it sounds like. You tie your main line to your Fluorocarbon…
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3 Tips On Catching Rainbow Trout Out Of Stocked Ponds
As a fisher person one of the fish I love to go after and have for a long time is stocked rainbow trout. It can be very tricky picking the right artificial baits, or figuring out what presentation is going to work best. Any one who has gone after trout…
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Walleye Fishing Tips For The Weeds
When it comes to fishing for walleye the first thing we need to focus on is finding where they may be hiding.  The key factor is you should know that where ever they may be, they are there because they are looking for food.  Of course there are a lot…
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Beginners Need Fishing Tips
When it comes to fishing I cant think of anything better to do out there. It is all about how much excitement catching a fish can cause. However even something like fishing you have to start at the bottom and work your way up the ranks to become an expert.…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Aug 18, 2011  
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Walleye Fishing Tips For The Summer
When it comes to catching walleye in the warmer summer weather it is important that you learn a few things. If you are a walleye fisher person you know how important walleye fishing tips can be in the summertime because you know catching them in summer can at times prove…
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Fishing As A Hobby
When we talk about fishing many people look at catching a fish as something we need to survive. They associate food with survival and think that is exactly what fishing is all about. What many of us dont know is that while in big business two billion pounds of fish…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Aug 16, 2011  
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Fly Fishing Vest Buyers Guide
Fly fishing vests are an iconic piece of gear often attached to the sport. Rarely will you see a fly fisherman without a fly fishing vest on while on the water. They are very useful and helpful for a mobile fisherman, especially when the fisherman is wading in the river…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Mar 13, 2013  
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Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report
2012 may very well be considered the year of the walleye. Starting with the unseasonably warm weather in early March and continuing through Easter the walleye fishing has been phenomenal. The Lake Erie Walleye fishing reports have all been consistent in their reporting of limit catches. Also the number of…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Apr 10, 2012  
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Pink Ugly Stik Rods For Ladies
The Shakespeare firm, manufacturers of pink ugly stik rods, are widely known for their superior quality fishing merchandises. Their wide ranges of products are known for durability, strength and fair price. Their newly introduced pink ugly stik rods are stylish and ideal for the female fishers. Polished up with a…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Oct 03, 2011  
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Latest In Fish Finder Technology
For most of us fishing can be quite a long a tedious task, especially if you don't own a boat. Whilst having a boat can provide you with the ability to access most places that any shore angler doesn't have access to. I mean the big guys are out in…
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10 Ways To Help You Catch Bigger Bass Fish – Outsmart Them
If you are hoping to catch the bigger (5-6 pounders) more wily bass fish you that you know are hiding in the lake then you may have to resort to some clever tricks yourself. Try a few of these. 1) Use big swim bait or ten to twelve inch worms…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Jul 06, 2012  
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136 Pound Catfish Caught - Should Be A New Record But
News Flash Monster Catfish Caught! Should have been a State Record! The BIG CATFISH was a blue catfish. A 136 pound blue catfish was caught in Berkeley County, South Carolina, the state record of twenty one (21) years is a 106 pound blue catfish and it will remain the record.…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Mar 01, 2012  
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Timeline Of Bass Fishing
When it comes to bass fishing we can look back a long time ago. For the most part we first started hearing about catching bass in the 18th century and we never looked back. What has changed is that progress in fishing bass and other fish has moved forward a…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Aug 17, 2011  
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Helpful Fishing Tips
When it comes to catching a lot of fish or very few fish the difference can be from following or not following good fishing tips. Of course for anyone who has fished for a certain amount of time they will have learned that most fish have certain things they do…
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Fishing Supplies
For me, going fishing needs to be the simplest task it can be, as it is usually a spur of the moment decision to go when the conditions are just right. Having all of your fishing supplies organized and ready to go, so all you have to do is throw…
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Bass Fishing - The Lighter Side
Murphy's law always finds a way to rear his ugly head. Many things have happened over the years while I've enjoyed the day on the lake. Some may not have been so funny at the moment but had to laugh at them after the fact. According to Murphy's Law if…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Apr 25, 2012  
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Walleye Fishing Tactics
Walleye are a different breed of fish. You may catch them from time to time but without walleye fishing tactics it will be rare to have a great walleye day. When it comes to freshwater fishing walleye are probably about the hardest fish to catch except maybe next to sturgeon.Walleye…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Nov 08, 2011  
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Beach Fishing - How to Find A Gutter
What is a gutter It is a part of the shoreline (under water) that is lower than the sand behind it and in front of it. Essentially it is a depression that mostly runs parallel with or gradually away from the shoreline. This is the part of the beach where…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   May 14, 2011  
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Walleye Central
For all practical purposes the 2012 Lake Erie walleye season is at an end. It appears the storm of the century is going to make Lake Erie inhospitable for boating for the next week or so. That will put us into the first or second week of November which is…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Oct 30, 2012  
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How to Maintain And Care for Your Outboard Motor
One of the more aggravating situations is when you get to a lake, launch your boat, and try as you will your outboard motor just want start. If properly maintained an outboard motor can give you many, many years of hassle free use and pleasure if you use a few…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Jun 13, 2012  
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Surfcasting on the Beach With Safety Precaution
Beachcasting Technique and Safety Obtaining maximum distance when beachcasting is all about transferring the compression built up in the rod tip by the caster`s technique to the lead weight. Sloppy rods absorbs much of the rod power,whereas rigid, fast-tapered rods create the velocity for maximum casting distance. As air resistance…
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My Crappie Secret
Want to know my secret to catching Crappie's? I had to take the time to learn HOW to best crappie fish! Crappie fishing tips came from influences like my Dad, brothers, uncles and books that I took the time to read. In fact, I didn't get really good at catching…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Jan 29, 2014  
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Lake Erie Perch Fishing Report
Since mid March the fishing talk has mostly been about walleyes. The walleye are scattered now because the spawn is over and a rash of storms have scattered them even more. Well there is another fish in Lake Erie that is fun to catch and according to some better tasting…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Jun 11, 2012  
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Aquaponics Questions And Answers
This is an article that will cover a few popular aquaponics questions and answers. Aquaponics systems are systems driven by water supporting both fish and plant life. The fish release waste which turns into nutrients in the water tray - the plant's roots are suspended in the water and they…
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Utilize Online Fly Rod Reviews
Fly fishing is one of the most technically difficult types of fishing out there. There are many different techniques, gear items, and accessories to master and familiarize yourself with. Consider the art of fly casting. There have been full feature movies made about this art. Many anglers consider fly casting…
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There Is Nothing Better Then Fishing
When it comes to looking for something that is relaxing then the best thing you could ever consider is going fishing. Whether you are in a boat or on the shore you look around and absolutely nothing really matters. Having water around you is always very settling. Its even better…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Aug 22, 2011  
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A Fly Fishing Line Guide
For most fly fishermen, starting off with the sport is an overwhelming amount of information to take in. Just getting the right gear in the first place can be difficult and expensive. Fly fishing lines are one complex side of fly fishing, but they play a critical role in being…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Mar 28, 2013  
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5 Points To Consider Before Obtaining Your Trolling Motor
How on earth do you make a decision on which trolling motor to get for your boat when there is such a huge vartiety to choose from. Whether you need one for your recreational kayack or 20 ft tournament fishing craft, the choices available to you are pretty daunting especially…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Aug 27, 2012  
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Ugly Stik Rods - The Best There Was And Is
When was the last time you went fishing?   You might of went yesterday or you may of not been in years.  Point being, it doesn't matter when or how or even what because there is one rod that is popularly used by all fisherman.  It is called the Ugly Stik. …
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Live Bait Shops
Fishermen come to Lake Erie from all over the USA. They come here to catch a great gamefish the Sander Vitreus better known as the Lake Erie Walleye and a lesser game fish the Lake Erie Perch. A lot of the fishermen arrive on Lake Erie not knowing about the…
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There are many fishing conditions faces anglers in Florida. No single rod and reel combination is…
There are many fly fishing combos on the market, at varying price points, and at varying levels of…
It was always the same they never used a different method all those years, they caught fish and never…
90% of the talk concerning walleye fishing is about lures, location and presentation. All of these…
Is it just me or are people under the impression that fishing in the rain is the best time to go…
When it comes to fishing you need something for the fish to think is food and that typically in the…

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