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13 Basic Tools And Items For Your Tackle Box - Must Have
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13 Basic Tools And Items For Your Tackle Box   -   Must Have

What are the most common items most fishermen have in their tackle boxes. Even with the massive amount of different boxes available to the fisherman today they all seem to have these necessary products in their fishing bags and boxes

Here are some of the most popular Tools.

Multi Tool

A good stainless steel multi tool is every anglers favourite. Many fishermen do carry one on their belt, that's if you are wearing one .If not then it will be found in the tackle box. A good robust durable type is what you should get because there is nothing more annoying than finding yours has rusted after spending only a short time in a damp fishing box.

Nose Pliers

All good anglers will have a pair of corrosion resistant nose pliers.You always seem to find a need for them when out fishing, so a good quality pair is on top of most fishermen's must have list,

Fillet Knife

The next tool you will find in all tackle boxes is a high quality fillet knife. These come in all shapes and sizes to meet each anglers different needs but the common feature is that they are usually razor-sharp and have a good quality blade. I prefer the titanium bonded type with an 8 inch blade.

Crimping Tool

Depending on where you are and what you are fishing for not many anglers are found without a sturdy crimping tool. If like me you do all kinds of fishing, you will at some stage need one.

Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are such handy little tools for clipping off the ends of knots etc. For many years I never had one in my box and when I finally did, I could not get over how versatile and handy this tool is. For most fishermen it's a must have. I have often wondered if it was a fisherwoman that introduced these nail clippers into the fishing world while we men, were still hacking away at our lines with huge knives.


A titanium bonded de-hooker is another tool found in most tackle boxes. Very easy to use and the best part is you can get the hook out and not damage the fishes mouth. If you are returning it to the water it will still be able to feed.


Having a small scale in the box is also a very popular. If you catch a big one and are not be taking it home or before filleting, it's nice to weigh it. Many of these scales can weigh fish up to 50lbs.

The Smaller stuff


The average fisherman will have a variety of hooks that will serve his particular fishing needs. Hooks come in all shapes and sizes but without them in your tackle box you may as well stay at home.


Some different size sinkers are also carried. I use to carry so many that in a short period my gear would break from the weight of these things. Now I only bring what I think will need and leave the rest at home.


A variety of swivels is also desired.

Flies, Jigs and Lures

Your different flies, jigs and lures can take up a lot of space, so be selective.

Floats and Bobbers

If you use them, an odd assortment of floats and bobbers are stored in the box by most enthusiasts. They are very light weight and do not take up much space in your average size box.


A spool of spare line and a length trace are very important requirements. If things go wrong and you lose your line you should be able to replace it. I was once traveling to an isolated fishing spot and had to drive on a narrow dirt track lined with thorn trees.

My rod was tied on the roof rack of the vehicle and many miles later when I stopped at the fishing spot, I noticed that the spool of my fishing reel was empty. Somehow a branch or thorn had managed to snag my line and emptied the spool. Luckily I carried spare line.

There are many more items you can put in your box but try not to overload it. If you are fishing from a boat then that's ok, but if you are walking and fishing along the river bank try to travel light.

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Hi Devine, now go and catch a big one.

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Good idea...everything in it thanks, Frank!

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