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3 Great Ways To Catch More Trout
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3 Great Ways To Catch More Trout

The goal when it comes to catching trout or any other fish is catching as many as we can. So when it comes to yor next fishing trip wouldnt it be great if you had some tips that were sure to help you catch more fish. In this article I want to try and give you three ways that are guaranteed to help you catch more trout. When we talk trout they are one of the fish that it seems everyone goes after. However it seems that catching them on a consistant basis is quite difficult. I can say this because I have been fishing different species of fish for nearly 40 years and no matter what through the decades even with what I know at times it is still very trying when it comes to catching trout.

I hope to help you on your journey by teaching you some of the things that have helped me through out the years. So please read this article before heading out on your next trout fishing trip.

The ways that I am going to talk about in this article have helped me catch more trout through the years. If they have worked for me then there is no reason they shouldnt also work for you. It is just like anything else though. Its about taking what you learn and practicing it until you master it. Once again as in anything practice makes perfect.

If you can spend more time on making the techniques work for you then more things will come together. If you want it to happen you need to get the techniques working for you. The best way to get them working is get to the water and get them working. So now that you are ready to get to the water its time to learn the three ways to help you catch the infamous trout.

1. This may sound silly but its important to listen. On your journey to catch more trout it would be better if you put your mindset in thinking like trout instead of thinking like a person trying to catch trout. So think about what kinds of things would scare you or put you on guard if you were swimming around in the water. It may be things like large hooks, loud noises, movements and so forth.

You want to do everything in your power to think about what would effect the trout that are swimming around in the waters below your feet. The more you can get your mind thinking like a trout the better shape you will be in. When you end up in better shape you will end up catching more fish.

2. A very important factor when it comes to catching more trout is using live bait. Some fish work better with and some work better without live bait. When it comes to trout live bait is always a clear winner when it comes to catching more trout. This is even more the case when you are working on catching trout out of streams, rivers and other moving waters.

When it comes to trout there are some favorites that they seem to go after no matter what. The live baits that should be used are minnows, worms, maggots and even in some cases crayfish. These are the best of the best when it comes to dealing with live bait.

3. Drifting is not only fun in driving but in fishing it turns out to be a great technique for catching more trout. You will use either live baits or small spoons and spinners. What you will do with this is let the current do a lot of the work that is needed. The idea is to get the baits looking like they are real and get them drifting right in front of the trout. You will continue doing this over and over again until a lively trout grabs the bait. Again this is something that takes practice to make perfect. The great thing is fishing is one of those things that we all love practicing.

At the end of the day the key factor is to keep on fishing. Its all about having fun doing something you love. Its all about learning and then teaching others how easy it is to love fishing for all fish including trout. All you need to know is catching a fish is what its all about. Have fun and get out there and catch more fish and trout.

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Would love to be able to do more trout fishing....Fishing is great in Louisiana but unfortunately we don't have trout streams

  about 5 years ago
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