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5 Tips For Fun Fishing With Kids Now
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5 Tips For Fun Fishing With Kids Now

If there is one thing in life you really should do is expose children to fishing and I am sure most fisher people would agree.  The only thing is when it comes to dealing with kids and fishing is a little different then what adults do.  If brought to kids properly chances are good they will fall in love and make fishing something they will want to do for the rest of their lives.  In this occasion being obsessed really is okay. 

Dependent on age kids have less of an attention span and like to move on with what they are doing.  Kids do love to fish but the second it goes from being fun to being too serious is when they are ready to walk away.  Below you will find a few good ideas to help with kids and fishing.

The first thing you need to realize is you likely will not be doing much fishing when you are there for the kids.  You may get the dd cast but for the most part at least the first few times you are there as a teacher and not a participant.  Whether you think so or not the kids will need help when they get started with their fishing.  Even if you do get a cast consider it a training cast because you will not be fishing.  If you want serious fishing at first then you will need to go with out kids

A smart thing to do would be to mix things up a bit.  Mix fishing with other things like camping, swimming or something like that.  Hopefully when the fishing time comes they will enjoy it enough to want to do it again.  Dont force them enough to want to dislike fishing in the future.  Making it a family outing as a combined activity a few times will make it a lot more likely they will love fishing long before they could think of disliking it.

Kind of let the kids dictate how long the fishing will be.  If they want to fish then fish.  If not then its a good time to call it a day.  Adults always seem to want to fish too long and end up upsetting the kids who are getting bored.  Kids have short attention spans and there is nothing you can do about that.  Remember they are kids so there is a lot of time in the future to get them to slowly fish longer and longer.  At first you are just getting them to see what its about.  At the end of the day you want them to want to come back and not dread coming back.

When you are with kids focus on teaching basics first and catching fish second.  Pick something they really like and let them do it over and over like casting or reeling.  Try and teach them the value of fishing whether they are catching or not.  If they are catching then that should beconsidered a great bonus.Never talk negative about not catching fish.  Rather focus on all the fun that is being had by all.  Of course if you know of someplace where they are likely to catch fish then thats where you should go to get started.

The best thing you can do for yourself and the kids is to focus on having fun.  If you all have fun the kids will want to fish more and more.

The biggest thing to remember is you are fishing with kids and you are there to have fun.  Its not always about catching a fish.  Of course as long as you keep on fishing you should always remember that a bad day of fishing is always better then a good day at work.  

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