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Fishing Products & How To Use Them
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Fishing Products & How to Use Them

When i was nine years old during my summer break from school my Grandfather who was Retired from his job was watching me while my parents were at work . My Grandfather noticed that i was getting bored because there was nothing for me to do. My Grandfather decided to take me to the local park&zoo to teach me how to fish he thought it would get me interested and ,also take the boredom away. The park had a small pond that was stocked with sunfish that looked like they belonged in a fish tank because they were so small but we fished for them anyway. My Grandfather taught me how to set up my fishing pole and how to bait the hook then he showed me how to cast my line out so i didn't snag myself and get hurt.

That day was the best day of the summer and started me off on wanting to learn more about fishing . From that point on i learned how to catch fish in a lake but it wasn't enough. As i got older my family started to go with friends of my parents who had a cabin in Mexico where i learned how to deepsea fish which was a whole new experience. From that time on all i wanted to do in my spare time was go fishing or watch fishing on TV and i still love it to this day. Now i have myself a website with lots of different things about fishing from how to books to online stores that sell fishing products of all kinds so that i can share the joys of fishing that i come to love with who ever wants to share the experience with me.

Check the site out at catchfin dot com and start you adventure now! Remember fishing is fun but you can still get hurt be careful how you cast make sure you don't accidently hit someone with the hook! When you are ready to start fishing check first with the local fish and game to see what type of fishing licenses you will need then check the lake or stream you plan to fish and find out what the fish are hitting on so you don't waste a day and not catch anything. When using a boat of any kind be sure to have all your safety equipment like water ,life jackets,firstaide kits,also remember you can be fined if you are caught drinking beer while operating your boat it's just the same as a car drunk driving is drunk driving no mater what you drive.

So enjoy your fishing trip and remember the tips i have given you and you should have a great time. please be responsible and respect other people who may be fishing near you so that when you are casting out your line you don't cross theirs and get tangled up. Also make sure to keep yourself well hydrated because you can get heat stroke even while fishing enjoy you fishing.

When you have experienced lake fishing move on and experience deepsea fishing, because you have not experienced anything till you have fished for swordfish or barracuda maybe even tuna those our some of the most sought after fish and the best action on the water just ask anyone who has done it and they will tell you that you definetly need to try you skills on catching saltwater fish.

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This is a great story. I look forward to reading more.

  about 1 decade ago
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