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Getting Ready For Night Fishing
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Getting Ready For Night Fishing

No matter how boring you might think preperation is you will quickly find out it is the most important aspect when it comes to dealing with night fishing.  It seems that all fishermen put being prepared at the top of the list when it comes to fishing at night.

Many people may find the subject of getting prepared as a very boring subject.  The problem is most who do not put in a good efort when it comes to getting ready for night fishing tend to often forget things.  Even the most experienced fisher people who get lazy end up forgetting things because of not being prepared.

When we talk about night fishing we could be talking about having a lot of fun.  When we talk fun we talk about catching lotsof fish and big fish.  The biggest thing about having the fun is making sure we are prepared so the fun isnt taken away because of something stupid that was forgotten.  Below you will find some tips to help you all have a night fishing experience that you will never forget.

Things To Consider And An Equipment Checklist

Once again I know this may seem boring but its something you need to do.  You need to go through every single tackle box you own and make sure every item you will need is locates and put in its proper place.  For night fishing being prepared is even more important then day time fishing.  You will quickly realize that your sense of touch and sound are two things you will greatly rely on while night fishing.  The more time you take to make things right the better your trip will end up being.  It can get very frustrating when trying to find something important like pliers in the dark of night. 

Of course you should bring a few good light sources on your night time fishing trip.  A few good flash lights is really the best idea.  However there is one important thing to remember when bringing a flashlight on your trip and that is making sure you bring extra batteries along with you.

The next smart move is doing little things like having things pre tied before heading out in the dark.  If you have rigs set up before yo head outyou will be very glad you took the time to get a little more prepared.

Another important need for night fishing is having a first aid kit.  If you dont have one then getting one is a must.  If you already have one then having a look inside is a good idea.  At night you most assuredly stand a better chance of getting injured as opposed to fishing during the day.

If you can manage to use your head lamps where you are fishing then that would be a great advantage to your night fishing.  You will find extra light so great when it come sto unhooking fish and for so much more.  There are some great L.E.D lights out there and some that the batteries last a long time as well.  Of course a light is a must because if you have ever tried to tie a hook in the dark you will absolutely agree.  A light will keep both hands free to tie a hook.  The less time you spend tying a hook in the dark will be time you should be fishing.  Plus too much hook tying will get you very frustarted after a certain amount of time.

In almost all cases while fishing at night you will end up catching much bigger fish.  Because of this you may want to use fishing line that is a little stronger.  Also at night with a bit stronger line you will have more control when it comes to fighting that possible trophy.

Prepare To Night Fish On A Boat

As long as you take the time to get prepared and you have the right equipment then fishing from a boat at night can be very productive and one of the best experiences you will ever have.  A couple keys is to have a plan that you will stick to and to fish in an area you are very familiar with.  The boat you are going in has to be in top notch working order.  A break down during the day sucks but a break down at night can really be devastating.  I am quite sure we would all agree that no one wants to be on the lake all night long with no control.  Just make sure you check every single little thing on the boat before heading out on the lake for your night fishing trip.

Mahe sure you know and understand exactly how your boat is layed out.  If there are any inncidents or anything in the dark your reaction time will be at least double.  Make sure you know exactly where your gear is placed on the boat.  Of course you should have some artificial light to help you out but things still move very slowly at night when you are needed to react to something.

Of course on a boat there are a few things that are required as the sun goes down.  Bow and stern lights are a couple of those things that are required.  Visibility is usually bad and most times at night the biggest thing that is reported is striking things at night.  Of course items are struck because they are not seen in the dark.  Just remember going out in a boat without lights is breaking the law but at the end of the day it is also a very stupid thing to do.

Still being in a boat you need to have a horn or some sort of warning device that is working while you are fishing at night.  Of course with a warning device you can let other crafts know where yo are when they are approaching.  It can also help you if you end up getting into any sort of trouble and you need help for someone to find you.  It really doesnt hurt to have signs for visual as well like flares.  It is very important to be as prepared as possible.

Something else that is needed and in most cases required on your boat is an approved fire extinguisher.  You should know where it is and make sure it is easy to get at if needed.  It is important to make ure your extinguisher is frequently checked.  You really dont want to find out that your fire extinguisher isnt going to work when you really need it.

Another thing that is a must is a paddle.  Again when it comes to paddles you want to have them in such a place that they will be easy to get at if they are needed.  Dont put stuff on top of them while fishing because if needed you just may end up making a huge mess while trying to get them out.

The next thing to talk about is an anchor.  You need to make sure you have the right anchor for the size of boat you will be fishing in.  The first sign that you may be in trouble is a good time to get the anchor out.  This will keep the boat in a good situation while waiting for day light and waiting for help.  So many people hesitate or forget about using the anchor and end up drifting into places or things that can prove to be very dangerous.

Another good thing is to have a bail bucket.  Even if you have a pump on your boat you should still have a simple plain old bailing bucket.  If your battery were to die on the boat then the pump would be rendered useless.

If yo are out during the day then a battery in most cases is not required.  However if you are on a boat at night then a required piece of equipment is a radio that has a weather band on it.  Many times at night you wont even see the clouds coming over you and if you do see the clouds you have no way of knowing how bad they may be until its too late.  You might be about to get hit by a terrible storm that everyone but you knows about.

There are tools that help during the day but are very important and a must when it comes to fishing at night.  These tools are instruments that help with navigation like a GPS.  However if you dont have access to a GPS then at least a compass would be a great help in the dark.  Just remember that everything is always very different at night as opposed to the day.  Then you need to deal with things like fog that can be moved in.  Once the fog moves in you will have no sense of direction so you will need something to help you guide your way through where ever you need to be.

Of course you better have life jackets on.  You also better make sure they fit properly to make sure they work properly.  Pesonal floatation devices are probably the most important thing you need while fishing either day or night.  During the day if someone falls over board you can usually see them.  That isnt the case when someone falls over at night.  You should also have one of the floatation devices on board that can be thrown in the water.

Before you leave home make sure your boat batteries are fully charged and make sure they are going to hold a charge.  In most cases while out in the water your lights need to be on at all times through the night.  So if you intent on running other things like a GPS, trolling motor and what ever else you will be taking a toll on the battery.  A smart move may be to carry an extra battery on the boat just in case.

Another thing at night is not only do the big fish bite but so do the big bugs.  You do not want to go out in a boat with out having bug spray.  Bugs can truly wreck a great fishing trip in a matter of minutes.

If you are set down and fishing certain areas make sure you have the anchor out and make sure it is holding properly.  Just remember the waves will move you around if you are not anchored properly.  Once you are ready to fish do a radio check, check all the lights.  If there are any problems either get them fixed or dont go out at night.

Weather Is Something You Must Consider

Something that really should be a no brainer but is forgotten by many people is checking what the weather is supposed to be like while you will be fishing.  If there is any question on the weather then you may not want to take a chance and be battling with bad weather.  Bad weather will make things bad and in most cases would wreck your trip anyways.

The key to catching a fish day or night is to make sure you keep on fishing.

Always remember that no matter how bad things are a bad day at work is better then a good day at work.


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