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Helpful Fish Finder Information
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Helpful Fish Finder Information

It doesn't matter is you fish for catfish, bass, strippers, sharks etc. fish finders are a very valuable piece of fishing equipment. Sure you can find the fish in the traditional way but a fish finder can take away the guess work so you will be able to get your hook in the water and get to the right place at the right time. This means you can be reeling them in all day.

There are many different brands, types and varieties. Finding the right one for the right job can sometimes be a difficult chore. We will look at fish finders so will be more informed and able to get the right one for you.

First of all, how does a fish finder work? They actually send sound waves down into the water that fans out to about a 45 degree area. When these sound waves hits anything under water it sends the info back to the unit then the fish finder calculates how far it is to the fish or what ever it finds so it can show up on your screen. This beam can also show you the structure on bottom along with some plants, brush etc. Every fish finder has it’s own interpretation of what a fish looks like. As you learn your fish finder you should be able to tell the big catfish from the smaller ones and an individual fish from a school. You will know if there is logs and rocks on bottom where the catfish like to lay.

There are mainly two types of fish finders, the single frequency and the duel frequency. The duel is best used for fishing in the ocean and seas while the single is what we use on our local area lakes and rivers. The size and resolution of the screen is another consideration they can range from small up to 7 inches. The higher the resolution the better the images and the larger screen will show you more fishing area under you. The power of the unit is very important because the more powerful fish finder will produce better quality graphics indicating what type of fish are in the area.

When transducer should be mounted where it will get a smooth flow of water no matter how fast you are going. Choose a place on the hull that is free from any protrusions, a place that is nice and flat with no ribs. I should be at least 18” away from the prop. The transducer must be placed where it will always be in the water in order for it to work proper. Make sure it will be in a placed out of the way when trailering the boat.

A new line of fish finder had been developed. They are a hand held fish finder for the fisherman with no boat it can be used from the shore, or as a second mobile fish finder to be used anywhere on your boat.

Get your rod and reel, check out your location and catch those fish!

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