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Northern Pike Fishing Lures - Catch The Big One
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Northern Pike Fishing Lures  -  Catch The Big One

Northern pike fishing trips can yield amazing fishing experiences. These fish are elusive, and they fight as hard as any fish on the planet. If you are planning on a northern pike fishing trip, lets discuss a few tips on how to land the next big one.

Northern pike habitat is concentrated in cooler climates. A general area that is home to hundreds of lakes, rivers and ponds that are prime pike territory is known as the 'boundary waters,' and consists of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and their adjacent Canadian provinces. If you plan a pike fishing trip, make sure you plan it here, because there is the best chance of catching a trophy when fishing those waters.

Because these fish fight hard, it is important to bring along a strong rod and reel combo. These fish also have razor sharp teeth, so select an appropriate monofilament or braided line and leader. As for choosing northern pike fishing lures to bring along, there are a few considerations to remember.

First of all, pike are a predatory fish. They spend most of their time hunting smaller fish and other aquatic life. Using good minnow imitations, such as spoons, jerk baits, crank baits, and Rappalas is a good way to target this pike characteristic. Don't discount frog or mouse lures as well. For fly fishing, consider using large streamers that are flashy. Wooly buggers are great because they mimic leaches, and Muddler minnows imitate their most frequent prey, smaller fish.

They are also fiercely territorial. During the spring months and the pike spawn, they will guard their nests, rarely leaving them to feed. In this scenario, a flashy and noisy lure has the best opportunity to incite a reactionary strike from a threatened pike. The idea here is to make the fish feel like they have no choice but to attack. You will first need to locate a nesting pike. Once you do, it takes patience and may take several casts to incite a strike, so stay with it. If you know a pike is there, it's only a matter of time. If you aren't sure, move on to another potential location.

Selecting proper northern pike fishing lures is essential for landing northern pike consistently on a trip. To land the big one, you will need a combination of luck, and good guide, and enough fishing savvy to know what you are doing. Good luck and as always, happy fishing!

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