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Timeline Of Bass Fishing
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Timeline Of Bass Fishing

When it comes to bass fishing we can look back a long time ago. For the most part we first started hearing about catching bass in the 18th century and we never looked back. What has changed is that progress in fishing bass and other fish has moved forward a lot.

The earliest bass fishing can be traced back to the people of the United States using the sport for a means to get food. From there it moved on to people from all over the world wanting to catch bass for a lot of different reasons including sport and food. However people all over the world still catch bass for its original reason and that is to put food on the table.

The Way It Went

- A man by the name of Onesimus Ustonson first started giving out reels to people who loved fishing. The reel was eventually turned into what we call a bait caster. The year that we can trace back to when bass fishing sporting started was between 1768 and 1770

- In the year 1897 a winding device for a reel was invented and a patent was taken out on it by a familiar name of William Shakespeare Jr.

- 1915 was the year William J. Jamison Co introduced what was called a twin spinner. From then it has now graduated today to what we call spinner baits.

- President Franklin D. Roosevelt encouraged many dams being built in 1932. Many people had no clue what he was doing. The dams had a lot of uses but when it comes to fishing the dams were used for raising and finding different species of bass.

- Then in the year 1937 a company by the name of Dupont applied for a patent for a line that would be used in nylon fishing nets. The line advanced from just being used for nets to being ised for fish line.

- History was made in a big way in the year 1992. That was the year that the famous bass pro fisherman Larry Nixon had a total of a million dollars in earnings in a year of fishing for bass as a sport.

Types Of Bass Fish

Today in the bass fishing events there are different types of bass being caught. Below I will list a few for your knowledge.

- We have Micropterus punctatus which is Kentucky Bass-Next is Micropterus salmoides which is largemouth Bass and Micropterus dolomieui which is Small Mouth Bass

Of course there are other species of bass as well. It seems the most popular of all bass anywhere in the world are the Largemouth Bass. What you do need to know is a Large Mouth Bass in North America is quite a bit different then a Large Mouth Bass say in Australia.

It seems that the 1950s was about the busiest time when it came to Bass Fishing in North America. It was about this time that the sport became a game and everything started changing. Equipment like rods, reels, lines, lures, boats and other gear all started to change.

One thing for sure is the Bass Fishing industry has done great things for the economy in North America. The number is somewhere around 70 billion and up. When it comes to catching a fish and especially Bass you are venturing into a sport that has grown dramatically over the years. The biggest thing in the world of catching a little squiggly thing on a hook is to keep on fishing and you will never go wrong.

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