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First of all, insoles are a multiple slips of material or a composite of several materials that is placed inside the shoe to help provide them with extra support for a wide variety of foot related issues. For instance and the main topic of this article are arch support insoles. There are insoles for conditions ranging from Achilles Tendonitis to Plantar Fasciitis, to Athlete’s foot. Now in the case of arch support insoles however, we see that they are designed with a particular goal in mind, providing physical support for the arches of the feet. Large minorities of people suffer from issues related to their arches, whether it is a low arch or a high arch, there is a lot to work towards.

An explanation as to why people require arch support insoles is relevant. The arch of the foot has two main purposes, to help transfer the weight and energy of the body while walking, and to provide a spring effect that propels the body forward when moving. If the arch of the foot is compromised in one form or another, the weight energy is transferred poorly, damaging the rest of the foot, in addition to severely affecting the ability of the foot to spring into action while walking. A pair of arch support insoles will help to achieve a nominal condition while walking and prevent injury.

There are two main issues that people tend to experience with regard to the arches of their feet. One, there are people with low arches, also known as being flat footed, and there are people with a high arch. Both problems are related, obviously, however they both also present very different problems that must be corrected in two very specific ways. For instance in the situation where people have a high arch, the insoles must be designed to take the weight off of the ball and heel of the foot, which are disproportionately taking the weight, and move it to the remainder of the foot.

Conversely, people with flat feet must have the insoles designed so that the weight instead is transferred more to the ball and heel of the foot rather than away from it. This allows those areas of the foot that are not designed to carry the weight, to return to the things that they were actually designed to do. Arch support insoles can be used for many more things as well.

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