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Does The Shake Weight Really Work?
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Does The Shake Weight Really Work?

Can a product as silly looking as the Shake Weight really be effective in toning and sculpting your arms and shoulders? Believe it or not, there are millions of people out there that have had this same burning question.

According to Wikipedia, which I find to be a pretty reliable resource, the company who markets and produces the Shake Weight (IQ Fitness), claims to have sold over two million units for sales in the $40 million dollar range.

Not a bad pay day and that stat was as of August 2010. There have probably been another million or so sold since that date.

Goes to show you that bad publicity can be much better than no publicity. As long as people are talking about it and writing about it, people will want to know does Shake Weight work?

It Definitely Could Work

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this product can work and probably has worked for many people. It is a form of weight training and pretty much any type of weight training done over a period of weeks and with good consistency should work.

If you think this product will give you incredible looking arms in just a few workouts or in one week, then there is gonna be a pretty big let down coming your way.

If the Shake Weight is used on a regular basis for a period of six weeks to two months, then it is much more likely you will see noticeable and lasting results from it.

Four Stars At Amazon

The Shake Weight actually has a four star rating over at Amazon. I am no product review guru or anything like that, but four out of five stars is a really solid rating, and they have sold hundreds.

A lot people say they really like it and that you can get a solid workout in just six minutes a day. The fact that you can use it right in your own living room, bedroom, or basement was a big plus to many people.

There are many people who felt tricked by this product because they thought it did all the shaking for you. This however, is not true. There are no batteries or motors involved in this workout. You have to do the shaking and that is how you get the muscle burning workout.

Might Be Worth A Shot

I can definitely see where this product would be interesting to many people. The positive shake weight reviews seem to out weigh the negative, and thas is usually a pretty good sign.

If your a busy person and do not have much time to workout but would like to stay in decent shape, this product could provide some effective physical activity.

If you do not like the gym or are inexperienced with weight training, this could be a good at home alternative or decent starting point.

There are many other factors as to why this product might be intriguing, but the only way to really answer the question does Shake Weight work is by trying it for yourself.

It is under thirty dollars and might be turn out to be a decent investment for your health and fitness.

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