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Five Free Weights Exercises
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Five Free Weights Exercises

Free weights, unlike workout machines, can be moved freely in any three dimensional space. Free weights are more commonly referred to as dumbbells. In this article, you will learn about five free weight exercises in detail. If maximum muscle gain is you goal, you should work out with more weight and less repetitions. If strength and flexibility is your goal, use more repetitions, but less weight.

The chest has long been called the center piece of the upper body. And one great free weight exercise aimed at positive muscle and strength gain is the Bench Press. To complete a successful Bench Press you should first lie down (supine) on you back facing up on the bench. And with the eyes facing up, hold the free weights over your head over the center/upper chest. Lower the weight to about mid-chest and reverse the action by pushing the free weights back up to starting position, and repeat.

Free weight Squats are great for exercising the thigh and leg muscles. When properly executed, Squats encourage a healthy, whole-body muscle stimulation and is referred to by many as "the King of exercises". With the free weights at your shoulders and using the legs and keeping your feet at a shoulder length stance, bend your knees and descend until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Extend the knees upward until the legs are straight again, and repeat.

The Front Raise exercise will work the Deltoid muscle on the top of the shoulder. Standing with feet hip length apart, hold the free weights palms down at your thighs together as if you were using a barbell. Using both arms at once, raise free weights to just above the shoulders, hold for at least two seconds and lower back down to starting position at thighs. Repeat.

With the Chest Press you need to lie on your back on a bench with your feet on the floor holding a free weight in each hand, palm on the top of each free weight, at your chest, with your elbows below your chest towards the ground. Raise both free weights straight up, hold, and return to starting position. Repeat.

The Biceps Curl is one of the best known weight training exercises. Start with your feet hip length apart, knees slightly bent and back straight. Hold a free weight in each hand, palms facing up and arms straight down at your sides. Start with one arm, putting your opposite hand below the arm that you will be working out at the armpit but grasping the back of the arm for support. Keeping elbow stationary, raise arm to shoulder, and then drop slowly to starting position. Complete five reps, then raise elbow 45 degrees and complete five more reps. After completing those, raise elbow to a 90 degree angle and complete five more reps. Repeat with other arm.

You can work out your entire body with free weights, because there are over 20 free weight exercises with about 75 variations to them that will shape and tone you, or even pack on the muscle.

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