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How To Use Elliptical Fitness Equipment
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How to Use Elliptical Fitness Equipment

In most traditional and home gyms you will find an elliptical machine. An elliptical machine is essentially a combination of a classic treadmill, step-climber and skier. This type of equipment is an extreme calorie burner while being very easy on your joints. It might sound a bit complicated but don’t be alarmed it is actually very easy to use.

To begin your workout step on to elliptical trainer and familiarize yourself with the main controls such as start, stop and incline buttons.

Start to push on the pedals to activate the monitor. The screen will then turn on and know you could decide to follow the pre-set program or to choose from a variety of custom programs.

You may notice that the forward movement is very natural and comfortable. You can also petal elliptical machines in a reverse motion. Only do this if it feels comfortable for you. You will notice that their can be a balance issue when going backwards.

Most modern elliptical trainers have moving handle bars. You may choose to use the handle bars and assist you. This will give you a more complete full body workout, but it will take away resistance from your lower body. You can decide if you would rather have a more intense lower body workout or a moderate full body workout.

As you begin to use the machine you can adjust the setting to determine what you like the best. You can begin with a low resistance parallel workout. As you become a more advanced user you will be able to handle more resistance and even adjust the incline to intensify your workout.

Elliptical trainers are meant to provide varied workouts but there are a few things you should always follow. Keep your back straight when on these machines. Do not lean forward or backward when using this machine as it could result in injury to your back.

Always remember to warm up. You can decide to stretch before you get on, this will help prevent in any form of exercise. Make sure to start out slow and when have warmed up for a few minutes, then you can go on and do your routine.

Cooling down is very important in any form of exercising and with elliptical training it is no different. Take some time to stay on the elliptical trainer for a few minutes (3 should be enough) and slowly keep moving.

Elliptical trainers are a great way to stay or get in shape. Make sure you take some time to learn how to properly use them as you should with all types of fitness equipment.

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