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Memory Foam Show Inserts
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Within the realm of custom orthotics, there is one type called memory foam shoe inserts. These types of insoles represent a fairly large percentage of all of the insoles out there. For the most part, insoles tend to be made with material called EVA foam, and as a base, a hardened plastic. As a result the insoles can be manufactured fairly cheaply, however the typical cost of insoles can be quite high, but that is based off of the actual design process. The insoles themselves offer quite a benefit for the user, both medical and even as a foot odor reducer.

Now, despite the cost of the materials actually being pretty cheap, memory foam shoe inserts can be pretty expensive. That cost comes from the design process, which can be pretty expensive. What’s required for the manufacturer to actually produce the insoles are the physical dimensions of the person’s feet. They can attain those dimensions via several main types of methods. There are the mold types, impression foam, scanners and others; however a few of them require extensive use of shipping and assistance from a trained professional. The combination of these two factors causes the price to be disproportionately high.

The plaster methods of getting the data necessary for designing memory foam shoe inserts are typically the most expensive. They either require an expensive kit that is shipped back and forth to the customer, or they require the customer to visit a doctor or other trained professional to help them create the mold. After that, it has to be shipped via mail to the manufacturer which adds the cost of shipping to the entire equation, as many as three instances (when one includes the shipping of the actual insoles as the last step in the entire equation).

The other methods also require multiple instances of shipping, expensive kits, or visits to a clinic to record the dimensions of the person’s feet. The cheapest of the methods of designing memory foam shoe inserts is likely the image recognition one. All the user needs to do is submit several photos of their feet to the manufacturer, digitally, and the manufacturer analyzes the images with an image recognition algorithm. This removes the need for shipping, expensive kits, and on top of all of that, cuts the amount of time required to actually manufacture the insoles in some cases as much as two thirds of the time.

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