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What In The World Is A Sand Bell And Do I Want One?
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What In the World is A Sand Bell And Do I Want One?

The gadgets that show up on late night infomercials and on various internet sites are borderline insane, usually, but every now and then there is one that is not only a good idea but absolutely worth its weight in gold. Sand bells may very well be the tool that you need to ramp up an existing exercise routine or to kick off a whole new, get fit plan. They may sound and look a little odd, but these little tools are going to prove to be mainstays of the fitness world.

A sand bell is a combination of the kettle bell, a cast iron weight that is used for a variety of moves and a sand bag. Sand bags are becoming more and more popular in home workouts and can be used for a wide variety of moves. The sand bell is a smaller version and can be used not only like a hand weight or kettle bell, but glided along the ground like a disk and other moves. The sand bell, which is made of a soft but completely unbreakable covering is also good for strengthening the grip which may make it easier for people with hand issues, like arthritis, to use them more safely than regular weights. Tossing them down to the ground can also relieve anger and frustration, making them excellent for mental health needs as well.

Currently, there are only a few resources for buying the sand bell, but as they become more popular, that is likely to change. They are available in several different weights including a manageable six pounder for beginners. If you are new to exercise or have never tried a kettle or sand bell workout, that is the weight you should start with so that you know how the weights feel when you are lifting them. They move up to a ten pound size which can ramp up calorie burn during any workout program. They can even be used during a simple walk or jog to further fat burn.

The sand bell is also featured in a workout DVD but can be adapted to any program that uses either traditional weights or the kettle bell. Because they are soft, they are easier to pick up and may be less scary for some beginners.

Bonus: the three best moves to do with your sand bell. 1. The Squat and Toss . Like the name implies, you squat, making sure that you are using good form, coming up and then tossing the sand bell over your head. 2. The Squat and Jump. Like the first one, this move starts with a good squat but is followed by a jump, the sand bell held securely to the chest. 3. The Sand bell Burpee. This one starts with a sand bell slam, a pushup and then a jump back to the starting position. Enjoy.

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The SandBells are made by an Austin, TX company called Hyperwear and come in weights from 2 to 50lbs. They are available filled or empty (to save money on shipping). For more information, check out the Hyperwear website. They are a great total-body exercising tool and since they don't have a handle, every exercise will also challenge and improve your grip strength!

  about 1 decade ago

I have a sand bag I made on my own for a fraction of the cost, but i do like the smaller ones, like these.

  about 1 decade ago

I get the squat part, but then I get stuck, lol. Good article Amie

  about 1 decade ago

The burpee? I have a standing deal with the people in my local area- if they see me, no matter where I am or what I am doing, they say a number, I do that many burpees. The only exception is if I am wearing a dress at the time, of course. I also made my own sand bag, which is different than these because it is bigger. The cost of a sand bag from a company is at least 80 bucks. Mine cost less than 20 to make. Plus, I can increase or decrease the weight as I go. Keep trying...the burpees are fun once you get them!

  about 1 decade ago
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