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Work Out Abs At Home
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Work-out your Abs at home.

So you decided to start afresh. For the ...??... time. From the 1st of a new month ...but it just passed. So, how about starting from Monday? No, my birthday is coming up. Actually, the 1st of January sounds best.

You know you failed every single time. You drop your head and you suddenly see an obstacle. In the true sense of it. Your stomach! For months if not years you have wanted to lose IT. To look good is to feel even better. Now you’ve nailed it.

So where do you start??

How about your home?

As a matter of fact, you can train your body anywhere, even at your work, (doing quick triceps dips on the desk, or taking stairs and not the elevator.)

Tons of ways.

To cut on travelling and time expenses, as well as on gym membership, home seems the easiest way to start.

It is not very motivating to imagine yourself doing crunches on a thread bare carpet, though. However I would be lying to say;”You can’t work out your abdominals without any equipment”. Of course you can but there is only so much you can do without additional apparatus. So, I would most definitely recommend extra equipment, however optional.

A couple of pointers before you throw yourself in head and toes.

1.) Many people do suffer from back problems. Doing abs exercises, (especially leg rises) can exert a strain on your back and putting it simply;”You can hurt yourself”. Arching your back is a BIG NO.

Consult with your physiotherapist.

If you choose to do leg rises, support your back by placing your palms flat on the floor and resting your upper buttocks on the top of your hands.

2.) A few minutes of cardio work out before getting on with your program is advised.

3.) If you are a beginner, don’t discourage yourself by going all the way, 7 days a week.

Start 2- 3 times a week on non-consecutive days.

Do 2 sets of each exercise with a fair amount of repetitions. Rather start from less and increase it gradually. (2 per week).

Motivation and positive results are the keys to your success.

So getting back to the question of equipment ... what should I get?

Foam mats

A definite must. Easy to store, light, inexpensive, and above all, softer than bare carpet or floor. Larger ones are foldable.

You can perform most of your routines on it, with no problem.

Fitness and medicine balls (it comes in different weights and sizes)

Adds variety to your program. Great for long arm crunches or vertical crunches, to name just a few.


There is a large choice of these versatile benches. I would recommend adjustable ones, from flat to decline position. There are different slant boards and crunch benches available.

These are thickly padded and a changeable angle of decline/incline creates preferable body resistance. Can be used with weighted medicine balls.

I should mention that working out your abs should be countered with working out your back to maintain good balance.

Hyperextension Roman Chair is certainly a good piece, but simple hyperextension exercise on the floor will do just fine without spending a dime on extras.

Workout Abs At Home will provide you with the ingredients to succeed:

• Abs work out equipment.

• Beginners training program that you can easily follow at home.

However, will and discipline you will have to find within yourself.

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