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Flood Insurance Program
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in my country most o f the people depend on agriculture , somepeople practice agriculture on a large scale while others on small scale those who practice farming on asmall scale they produce for home consumption on the other hand the farmers who grow crops on large scale produce for commerical purposes . agriculture is the growing of cropsd and raring animals l will explain deeper on this point by giving you examples , to begin with cash crops like cotton , coffee ,and the food crops like tomatoes, maize, beans and vegatables besides that there are also raring animal especally domestic animals like goats , cattle ,among others . all the farmers need rain fall in order to carry out there activities so once it takes long time with out raining it affects the farmers becouse the crope can not grow well without rainfall most of the farmers in uganda do not irrigate there crops so they depend on rain fall . its also very difficult to predict or to know that such an area will be affected by floods so to cut thelong story short we shall look at flooding in general .

flooding is caused by the constant heavy rainfall which destroys the agricultural sector, industrial sector and settlement sector once an area is affected by floods many infrustures break down due to the strong wind , infrustures like commercial buildings rasedancial appartments , and roads will be affected in that process many people will die during the process and others will be taken to hospitals and those in hospital will have no where to start from so my freind l want to inform you that there insurance companies in your country take your time and visit them .in case you are leaving in a low lying area, or your home is near the valley or the sea, swamp then insure your propeties against the floods so once it happens the insurance company will repalce the destroyed propeties .

however in cities like kampala , that is the capital city of uganda people have gone ahead to estabulish there business in low lying areas ,for example due to absence of enough land people went ahead to estabulish or built the appartiments near or in the valleys, in it rains heavy they will the fast people to be affected by the floods.

incase you are going to set up your business in n ear the valley ,then take another step to insure your propeties against the floods

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