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colony collapse disorder
Bees In Danger, People In Danger! About Colony Collapse Disorder
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Bees In Danger, People In Danger! About Colony Collapse Disorder

Bees... those kinda cute little fuzzy bugs that fly around and make honey. Many people don't know too much past that and Oh, "If they fly too close, do I swat, or run, or stay completely still?" to avoid the famous stinger, of course.

Well, it's time to learn more about these amazing creatures because what you may not know is: if they are in danger, then that means YOU are in danger. And unfortunately right now... BEES ARE IN DANGER.

In danger from what? From us, basically. Isn't that ironic? Well, the trouble is, all those pesticides that are sprayed on crops to get rid of the pesky bugs that annoy farmers are messing up the natural balance of our environment and BEES are just one of the majorly affected elements. You see, those chemicals that are used aren't picky about who they kill. And bees are just as good a target for the chemicals as anybody.

How in danger are we talking here? Check it out: In the United States and UK, the bee population was discovered to have died off by one-third in 2010. In Italy, it was HALF. Half of their bees GONE, dead. Not buzzing around pollinating all those vineyards, orchards and crops. Other countries that are big on pesticide spraying are seeing the same thing, like China and India. Turns out this is had been happening for about a decade, and now has a term to define it: "Colony Collapse Disorder," or CCD.

Oh gee, that's too bad. What's the danger for ME, though? How about that at least a third of our nation's food supply DEPENDS ON the assistance of the bees. As in, if they aren't alive to do their naturally appointed job, we will lose all that food. Being that our food supply is already low, a loss that gigantic would be devastating. Think of trying to feed a family of 10 with only barely enough for 7. This is very scary. Scary enough to threaten the lives of all 7 billion people that you share the earth with.

Hmm. Well, if we lost most of the crops, we could just eat more meat, couldn't we? So what in the world do you think those cows and chickens eat? Food from these same crops. Think about it.

Rats. Okay, this is serious. So what are we going to do about it? A-ha! Glad you asked. The great news is, that as every day Joe-Shmoes, we can absolutely do a HUGE part in righting this wrong by making one simple and significant change in our lives. Eating and buying organic and environmentally friendly items when it comes to food, drinks and household products will raise the demand level for farming and industry conducted without the use of chemicals. There is not one set chemical or toxin that is doing a number on the bees and the natural earth balance, but the combination and build-up of chemicals in general.

Is this some kind of hippie, tree-hugger convention idea to try to get us to eat all that healthy stuff? NO. This is a big deal, an EVERYBODY problem. Here are a few examples of big dogs taking it seriously: Haagen Daaz had donated $250,000 to help get this solution on a roll, since 24 out of their 60 flavors would be wiped out in the near future without bees. Also Dundee Brewing Co. (Popular Quality Beer), Burt's Bees, Project Apis, California Almond Board, California State Beekeepers Association and Eastern Apiculture Society. Many parts of Europe are now banning pesticides completely in a frantic giant step toward stopping a catastrophe.

If this is such a huge concern, why aren't pesticides already prohibited in the United States? Yes, the funny (but really not so funny) thing about most industries is that money runs the show, not worrying about what may happen to people and certainly not about what may happen to a little insect. Only 2% of the world's farmland is set up to grow amazing food without pesticides. Organic farming takes a lot of work, preparation and doing things differently. Most farmers can't afford to do that unless the demand for organically grown food is much higher. So the idea is, to get the money demanding in the right direction. That's why if we all start buying as much food that was organically farmed as we can, the food industry will see the dollar signs and be happy to comply.

So the horrible news is that the bees are dying like crazy and therefore the future of our food supply is in a perilous position. The news to make you breathe a sigh of relief is that YOU CAN DO SOMETHING TO HELP. So let's all pitch in. People are good like that, we tend to rally together for a good purpose when someone's in trouble. And someone is definitely in trouble. Do your part!

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Good article, we all need to do as much as we possibly can to help keep the bees alive. I've written on the subject as well, it's important to get the word out.

  about 1 decade ago
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