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Brands Of Beer: Drink Beer While Losing Weight?
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When it comes to picking out the best brands of beer, it can be kind of tricky. I am a huge advocate of weight loss, therefore, I picked some of the best tasting brands of beer that will help you keep off that "keg". Now Everyone knows that drinking beer can lead to some unwanted growth of your gut, So below I'll give you a list of good beers to check out, try out, and enjoy guilt free!

1.Red Lodge Glacier Ale- Well balaned hop and malt flavors. Carbs = 0, Alcohol% = 5.2, Calories= 0!

2.Alexander Keiths Red- Smooth and well balanced ale, with dark amber colors. Carbs=0, Alcohol%=5, Calories=0!

3.Fischer Amber- Malt beer that is rich with flavor. Very popular! Carbs= 0, Alcohol%=6, Calories=0!

4.La Barberie Brasse- Camarade. Delicious ale that is very smooth. Carbs=0, Alcohol%=6.5, Calories=0!

5.New Holland Cabin Fever- Red amber beer made with rye, giving it a malty sweetnes. Carbs=0, Alcohol%=6.1, Calories=0!

6.Oaken Barrel Indiana Amber- Malty and smooth brew, no bitterness! Carbs=0, Alcohol%=5.5, Calories=0!

7.Widmer Brothers Drop Top Amber Ale- Creamy amber, very smooth and easy to drink! Carbs=14, Alcohol%=4.9, Calories=0!

8.Goose Island Honkers Ale- Spicy hop aroma, rich malt middle, creating a very well balanced pale ale. Carbs=0, Alcohol%=5, Calories=0!

9.Henry Weinhards Amber Light- A smooth tasting, amber colored, light beer. Delicious! Carbs=11, Alcohol%=4.2, Calories=135!

10.James Squire Amber Ale- Brew of three malts/three Tasmanian hops. Creamy, rich, easy to drink ale with a subtle nutty finish! Carbs=14, Alcohol%=5, Calories=181!

These brands of beer are all low in calories, low in carbohydrates, and taste great! Now you can enjoy all of these delicious brands of beer completely GUILT FREE!

I am dedicated to finding you weight loss solutions that will change your life! Visit our site here to learn more about how to lose weight while living the life you've always wanted!

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