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Coconut Oil Benefits - What You Should Know
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Coconut Oil Benefits  -  What You Should Know

In our fat society it is hard to imagine that any kind of cooking oil would have any kind of health benefits. But coconut oil benefits seem to be abundant when compared to the more well-known oils that we are used to in our diet.

It's not really the oils themselves that pose such a health risk though, it is the process that they go through to make them fit for a long-term shelf life. This process you may be familiar with, called hydrogenation and it is the reason that good oils like coconut oil and olive oil can turn from good for us to bad.

But when the scientists of the world leave our food alone we can end up with some pretty delicious stuff that isn't bad for us at all. There are many kinds of coconut oil benefits that are worth mentioning and in the spirit of spreading the word about healthy eating and lifestyle let's discuss just a few ailments and how they can be helped by incorporating coconut oil into your diet.

Heart Disease:

It is untrue that heart saturated fats are what are so bad for our hearts. When coconut oil is left in its original state and not hydrogenated it is full of the healthy saturated fats that our heart loves. In addition coconut oil contains around 50% lauric acid, which is widely believed to reduce heart disease and promote overall good health.

Liver and Kidneys:

Did you know that a few of the coconut oil benefits that people experience are related to our kidneys and liver? The coconut oil in our body actually helps to not only dissolve pesky kidney stones, but also helps to prevent diseases of the gall bladder and kidney diseases.


The "silent killer" is a brute among the human body. Consumption of healthy substances such as coconut oil are shown to control blood sugar as well as regulate the body's secretion of insulin. Not only that, but as it helps to utilize blood glucose it plays a major parts in controlling diabetes.

Bones and Teeth:

Since coconut oil helps the body absorb calcium more efficiently, it only goes to show that it helps with the health of our bones and teeth.

It's not too often that we are told that anything on this planet is good for us anymore. It's not that nature doesn't do a great job in creating great foods for us to enjoy as much as it is the scientists who seem to love messing with those foods.

We don't have to be unhealthy slobs who drink hydrogenated grease from a straw anymore. There are healthy alternatives that may prolong our lives!

So you don't have to search so hard now to find out if there are any coconut oil benefits that can make you a healthier person. You know that mother nature has supplied you with what you need to not only survive but thrive as well.

Just tell your local scientist that if he is going to mess up your coconut oil with a bunch of unnatural chemical processes that he is directly responsible for the fattening of America and the rest of the world.

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Very informative and well written article.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks a lot Melissa!

  about 1 decade ago
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