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Food And Drink Are Essential For Living Being
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Food And Drink Are Essential for Living Being

Food and drink are the most valuable things in the world. It does not wait a little while to discuss that food and drink are the most essential and useful commodities on earth. Food and drink are such valuable and important things that we can not imagine to go on our living for a single moment in the world without. Only when we are to stay hungry and thirsty in the extreme want of food and drink, we very perfectly realize and recognize the value and importance of food and drink. This is why we firmly say that the world existence is based on food and drink

Food refers to the things which are greatly needed to live on and without which no man on earth carries on existence for a single day. Food is great the most essential thing for earthly living. And drink is also the most essential drink without which we never continue our living on earth. Drink means to the liquid thing. It is naturally water and milk. Besides these there are many kinds of man made or artificial drinks that are used only for serving our taste. Of any kind of drinks water is the most valuable and suitable for the human beings as well as all other creatures in the world.

Food and drink are deeply and closely related to each other since both of them can never meet up the demand of men singly. Here we can make a living example that a man has a plenty of food to eat but he does not a single glass of water. This time he eats food with his full satisfaction. while or after eating he must need to drink. But what will he drink. Actually he has not a drop of water to drink.This time he is greatly helpless. It is quite impossible for him to meet up his thirst without water.

Again a man possesses much water. He can drink whenever he will feel thirsty. But he has no food to eat. how much drink he drinks, it is not possible for him to meet up his hunger without food. Here we can boldly say that only drink can not meet up hunger.

This why it can be said that for earthly living we must need food and drink equally. We are completely dependent both on food and drink for survival. we can never carry on our existence only on food or only on drink.

Both food and drink are equally essential for our living. We can not do on only one of the two. So food and drink are the most valuable assets in our daily living.

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