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Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Right Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid
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Healthy Breakfast Ideas: Right Foods To Eat And Foods To Avoid

Each day you wake up in the morning rushing your way to your work or school without eating anything. Often times you will just grab some muffins, pastries, or pancakes for your breakfast. But sadly, none of these option is a great choice to start your healthy day.

Most of us don't have an idea about the real importance of having breakfast before starting our day. Or, we do but there are some factors that hinder us from making our morning meal like waking up late, laziness, or sometimes we get used to heading to our work or school even without eating anything. Seems like normal, but sad to say this practice is not really advisable because it might lead us to have a bad day due to poor body and mind performance caused by not eating anything in the morning. Healthy breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day because it will be your first source of energy which will be used in your early-day activities. Having an empty stomach highly likely to lead you eating unhealthy foods because you will surely not be able to stand the hunger and will force you to eat alternative meals like junk foods to fill up your empty stomach.

To give you an idea, here are some examples of foods that we should avoid/balance in the morning: Meals containing very large amounts of sugar like breakfast bars, bran muffins, dried fruits, and chocolates. There's nothing wrong in taking those kinds of foods, but eating them alone will surely make your blood sugar boost in a dangerous level. Avoiding them is not really necessary. Just make sure to balance your meal with healthy ones. Too fatty foods such as cheese, chicken fat, pork, cream cheese on bagels, bacon, fried eggs, and sausages are not good as well if taken too much. Always remember that eating too much fatty foods most likely lead to some serious diseases like high cholesterol level, high blood pressure and cardiac arrest. Again, including them on your breakfast is not bad, just don't forget to eat them with healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

The question is, what are the right ones to eat in the morning? Actually, there are tons of healthy foods that you can eat in your morning meal. However, you can also include those foods mentioned above in making a healthy breakfast like for example you'll have cheese mixed with fruits, peanut butter waffle with raisins and sesame seeds that is high in protein and low in sugar. It also has fiber which helps in delivering nutrients steadily and slowly. For a real healthy breakfast choice, you can make strawberry shake with soy or cow's milk or if you have no strawberry, you can use other fruits. Fresh berries, yogurt and granola also works well. Fresh fruit salad and protein shake are also part of healthy choices. For the egg, it is healthier to have the egg white rather than the whole egg. It is also nice to have a cup of herbal or green tea as a substitute to coffee with your breakfast which helps you to relax before the rush of the day starts.

So those are some of healthy breakfast ideas that you can have before you start your day. It only requires us to discipline ourselves in waking up early in preparing healthy meals. Many studies have proven the power of healthy breakfast in everyday work. On May 2102 the Toronto District School Board released a study concluded that children who eat healthy foods in the morning have better psychological behavior and excel in their academic performance. What's cool about it is that there are hundreds of studies proved that morning nutritious foods are great source of good performance.

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