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How To Eat Whole Foods For Health
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How To Eat Whole Foods for Health

Everybody knows that it's healthiest to eat whole foods, but it's not so clear exactly how to eat whole foods for health. It's especially hard since most people are so used to convenience foods these days. Whole foods can be a lot of things, but convenient isn't usually one of them. Eating whole foods does take some knowledge and planning, but with a little effort you can get into the habit, and the benefits can be more than worth the bother.

If eating whole foods sounds scary to you, one of the best things to try is incorporating a few new or healthier foods at a time. For example, you can start by eating the same meals that you're used to but adding a new element, like a simple side salad. You can even make a simple dressing from scratch, or just use olive oil and vinegar straight with a little salt and pepper.

At some point, though, you need to get out of your comfort zone. I've heard that you might need to try a new food up to five times to figure out whether you really like it or not, and I've definitely found that to be true. So, buy a new vegetable or grain and think about all the different ways you could use it. If you don't like the first recipe you try, try another.

In the end, though, you don't have to be all that adventurous to enjoy whole foods, you just have to find a few recipes that you really like. One thing that definitely makes food preparation easier is advance planning. Keep a list of foods you've tried that work well for your family, and make a weekly menu. You can use this tool to make sure you get all the ingredients you need onto your shopping list, and then during the week you can use it to make sure you remember to cook all that fresh food you bought.

Keep the plan as simple as you can. For example, I like to have smoothies for breakfast, but if you prefer something hot you can still choose something easy like oatmeal or toast and eggs (and if you like crazy breakfasts, there's always the weekend). If you make big dinners, leftovers make lunches quick, too.

Of course, there are times when you just want something easy, and luckily you will still have a few options on your plate. For example, apples are a healthy whole food snack. Other quick and portable choices include nuts, dried fruit and hard-boiled eggs.

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