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Lets Enjoy The Holiday Season And Not Make Your Guests Sick
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The holiday season is upon us and many of us will be entertaining friends and relatives. We want to have an enjoyable time, good food and good company. Unfortunately, 1 person in 4 will get some type of food poisoning, and unfortunately WE are the ones that make our guests sick. Many are not aware just how easy it is to make your guests sick.

Cold Food

When you prepare cold food for your guests if there is any food borne illness agents that have contaminated the preparation area, the serving bowl or serving utensils, it will have a chance to grow and multiply without any way to kill them. At room temperature, bacteria will double every hour or so. Keep food out of the danger zone. The Danger zone is between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit and 2 hours time. When you prepare your cold food, refrigerate it immediately upon completion. If you think it will be out for any length of time, serve in an ice bath.

Hot Food

Yes when you cook food to over 165 degrees for more than 15 seconds, you will kill most bacteria. Cook poultry pork and stuffing to 165 degrees, beef to 145 degrees. If you have t reheat something you made the night before or any leftovers for that matter, heat to above 165 degrees. Use a meat thermometer to determine doneness Expose the hot food to the danger zone and the same effect will happen as with cold foods. How you ask? Cross contamination.

Keep it clean, Keep it fresh.

The number one way to control food poisoning agents is to wash your hands, over and over. Pet your dog, sneeze, smoke a cigarette, use the restroom, you must wash your hands. Use plenty of warm to hot water and wash them for 20 seconds. Sing happy birthday to yourself as you wash, that should be about 20 seconds to be real sure, use a sanitizer. Remember the Danger time and temp zone? The danger time and temp zone includes the time it is prepared, stored and displayed.

Cross Contamination

Cross contamination occurs when you introduce harmful agents by again, not washing your hands after touching raw foods or other contaminates. Your fingers have lots of ridges and valleys for bacteria to hide in. Open sores or pimples are also sources of contamination, wash, wash, wash, Happy Birthday to me.

Don’t forget cutting surfaces. Do not use the same cutting board and or knife to cut raw poultry or meat without thoroughly washing and air drying the utensils to cut vegetables.

Cooking and entertaining your guests should be a fun and enjoyable experience, let’s not make our guests sick.

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