Natural And Organic Foods Coupled With A Wheat And Gluten Free Diet
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Natural And Organic Foods Coupled With A Wheat And Gluten Free Diet

It must be healthy. It’s all natural. It’s organic. It’s gluten free. That means it’s healthy right? What do you really know about natural and organic foods? Why should anyone concern themselves with a wheat and gluten free diet?

Some things to consider:

• The term “all natural” is not regulated

• The term organic is very regulated

• Most of the time gluten-free really means wheat-free


I’m not a doctor, a scientist, or a nutritionist. Technically, I’m not an expert in reference to what I’m about to write.

However, I have taken an interest in these subjects for many years. My master’s thesis was related to what I write here. I’ve done a lot of research and read many books on the subjects. I have come to some conclusions that make sense to me.

The bottom line is, I have used myself as the so-called lab-test rat. I have tested my theories and conclusions on myself. Regardless of what literature and other “experts” have to say, I know what works for me and I have experienced first-hand results over the years from the changes I have made in what I eat and don’t eat.

I’m currently 61. As I age, my health becomes increasingly more important to me, even though it has been a top priority for much of my life, although not always.

My guidelines, findings, and conclusions

• Organic food in and of itself is no better for you than conventional food

• The food is not the problem. It’s what’s in the food and how it was produced that’s the problem

• Just because it’s organic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy

• Organic food is safer than conventional food than conventional food because it’s chemical-free

• Organic food has been produced using organic methods

• There is such thing as organic junk food

• All things being equal, it’s better to eat organic than conventional food

• What is considered safe in the U.S. really means it has not been proven unsafe—YET!

• Gluten-free is a marketing ploy

• Gluten has no effect on people unless they have celiac disease

• Wheat has the highest content of gluten of all grains

• Wheat we get today is nothing like the wheat of many years ago—it’s GMO

• Wheat is not as healthy as we’ve been led to believe.

• Wheat may be the reason for many medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and more

• Rather than gluten-free we should be more concerned about wheat-free

• The gluten-free ploy is really about wheat free. Read labels. You’ll see

I have found that by eliminating wheat from my diet, I weigh less without doing anything else different. I work out and jog the same but when I don’t eat wheat, I weigh less. When I do eat wheat, I weigh more. I have proven this to myself time and again.

On the other hand, when I stick to a healthy diet that is heavy on green, leafy vegetables, optimum amounts of protein, carbohydrates (as well as the proper kinds), and fat, if I eat organic as much as possible, I am satiated more quickly and don’t want to eat as much.

For someone with a legendary appetite, that’s huge.

Enjoy it

Having said all that, does that mean I don’t like to splurge and just enjoy what I want? The answer is absolutely not. I still enjoy the occasional burger from my favorite fast-food burger place. Now and then I still enjoy pizza—large amounts of it.

However, I’ve learned there are ways to satisfy my wild desires and stay within my guidelines:

• Wheat-free bread (although the label refers to it as gluten-free)

• Organic butter (real butter—not margarine)

• Organic cheese

• Organic avocado

• Many more but that’s enough for this writing

Vegetarians and carnivores unite

Although I make a pretty good wheat-free pizza (gluten-free), I have learned to make what has become one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.

In a way, it’s like a mini-pizza in sandwich form, although you may disagree. However if you like the above mentioned ingredients, you will absolutely love this:

1. Toast two pieces of bread

2. Generously butter both pieces

3. Put a generous amount of shredded mozzarella cheese on each piece of buttered toast

4. Microwave buttered toast with cheese for 30 seconds to melt cheese

5. Spread half of a very soft but still green avocado on one piece of buttered toast with melted cheese

6. Put the other piece of buttered toast with melted cheese on top to make a sandwich

7. Devour

8. Go ahead and have another—rinse, lather, repeat.

As an alternative, for those carnivores, like me, add a quarter pound of organic, cooked ground beef to make it a burger.

No condiments necessary.

It’s fabulous!

Try it. You’ll like it.

Let me know what you think.

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