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Organic Is Cool
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Organic is Cool

Okay, how many of you out there hear the word "Organic", and immediately start seeing images of long-haired dudes wearing tye-dye, sunglasses that were only in style in the 1960's, wrinkled shorts and sandals made of hemp? (Please take no offense if this is your style, this is not a tie-dye bashing session. Read on.) This same long haired dude, named Leaf, but the way, may have a very pale wife named Molly who bakes bread that tastes like sawdust and sews patchwork smocks for her two children, Freedom and Peace to wear when they are fingerpainting political outcry cartoons with smashed berry pigment. Freedom and Peace have never had a haircut, never had a spanking and never been to Chuck E Cheese's.

Am I close? If that wasn't it, maybe the image was of the yuppiest of Country Club row, who do their shopping only at small gourmet markets that have valet parking. These people buy organic because, since it is the most expensive choice, it simply must be the best.

These two icon reflect the general types of commentary that I have many times overheard in grocery stores by fellow shoppers or scoffing remarks fired by adults those not at all convinced that just because something says "Organic", it's any better than the "regular" food they always buy. I am here today to hit the flip switch on these ridiculous notions and tell you that Organic is COOL, people who buy organic are NORMAL, and that although the organic items are still a bit more pricey than the rest of the food on the shelf, they are definitely worth it.

The thing of it is, if more people would purchase the organic food, it would become more in demand, mainstream, and therefore COST LESS! And viola! Suddenly we have organic farming be the norm instead of the exception to the rule, people are ingesting way less harmful chemicals, innocent and necessary animals and insects aren't killed off by the thousands every year and the earth is given the chance to heal. Ahh. Just the thought of it makes me relax.

Not to say that the "Leafs" and the "Country Clubbers" of the grocery world are not appreciated- they are! But I bet more people would look twice at the organic choices if they knew that most of the organic buyers are actually much easier to identify with. Consumer surveys show a 41% increase of organic buyers from 2010 to 2011. The increase is comprised of regular families; people who go to the movies, love Disneyland, sing along to their iPod in the car on their way to work, like to party, and prefer to order-in Chinese food after a long day. Cool moms are packing organic juice boxes, organic pb&j sandwiches and organic pudding cups in their kids' Spiderman and Dora lunch pails. Cool teenagers are grabbing an organic toaster pastry on their way out the door as they get haggled for not picking up their dirty socks or eating a balanced breakfast. Cool dads are throwing a frozen organic pizza in the oven the nights he's in charge of dinner. Cool Grandmas are putting out plates of scrumptious organic cookies (either home-baked or store bought) served with glasses of organic chocolate milk for after-school snacks. Cool families are grubbing on organic ice cream bars and organic popcorn while they watch a rented movie together. And cool boyfriends are wining and dining their hot girlfriends with their organic pasta creations and even impressing them with bottles of organic wine!

Wait, you say, there's organic food that is cool? Isn't it mostly tasteless whole grain crackers and dull apples with brown spots? No way! The times, they are a-changin', and in a good direction, my friends! Maybe 10 years ago, the small selection of organic food in major grocery stores looked unappealing. But now, the choices are getting more and more exciting every day!

Food companies know that that most kids (and admit it, grown-ups too) gravitate toward the snack aisles at the grocery store, tossing in the sugariest, the saltiest, the processed cheesiest and the most-food-coloring added foods that they possibly can. Well, they are YUMMY! They make for popular munchies in front of the TV, at the soccer field, in packed lunches and to make hordes of kids happy, whether those kids are toddlers, school-age, drinking-age or retirement age. So, instead of preach to you that you should only eat organic fruit and veggies, I'm telling you that almost any snack food you can imagine is now made by somebody in an organic form, which means... it won't make you less fat or rot your teeth less, but it will be MUCH better for the environment, and you can rest easy knowing you aren't stuffing toxic chemicals down the open mouths of those in your nest.

Once you have an idea of what to look for, choosing organic foods and drinks will be easy and you will feel good like the other totally normal people of all shapes, sizes, neighborhoods, colors, and faiths who want to accomplish two important feats:

  1. Keep their family free of unnecessary disease/sickness/disorders caused by the chemicals.
  2. Help to heal the earth so that a bright future will await the younger generations and those to come.
  3. Eat and drink the TASTIEST stuff possible; food and beverages that aren't tainted with toxins are actually more delicious!

So now you know! Be the most popular mom/dad/grandparent/kid/neighbor/co-worker around because you are into organic food and ORGANIC is so, so COOL!

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