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Sliders Burgers In Shanghai China
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Sliders Burgers In Shanghai China

When you live overseas sometimes it is necessary to find some comfort food. Especially when you are travelling or living abroad sometimes all you want is a little taste of home. For many expats who are living abroad a little taste of home can sometimes make all the difference.

One food that is often sought after by many people who live abroad is a good old hamburger, but sometimes finding a decent burger can be a bit difficult.

One place in the world that is starting to go a little crazy about gourmet hamburgers is Shanghai in China. Of course Chinese food is great but Shanghai is an international city of just over 20 million people so naturally you can get just about anything there.

With all the burger shops that are sprouting up in some places in the city you don’t have to go far to get one. But there are only a few places that do a good one. Many restaurants that get super busy with special deals and two for ones, often have to pre cook their burgers so that they can cope with demand.

Usually after you place your order it doesn't take long for you to get your hamburger. Pre cooking and reheating often results in the meat patty becoming dry and falling apart even if you order it medium rare.

One way some restaurants are getting around this is by serving burger sliders.

A burger slider is a smaller style of hamburger – one that you could pretty well eat in two or three bites if you tried. They are smaller meat patties, which are served on mini buns. Of course you can have a combination of different styles and flavors.

The good thing about these little slider burgers is that they do not take, as long to cook – so restaurants do not need to pre cook them. Another great thing about slider burgers is that you can taste a few different ones, and usually about 3 or 4 burgers sliders are enough to fill you up.

In Chinese culture, food is usually shared so small burgers are a great way of kind of mixing two very different cultures – maybe that is why sliders are all the rage.

So next time you are travelling and looking for burgers in Shanghai China because you feel like a bit of a change from the noodles, dumplings and rice – hunt down a sliders joint, you might be surprised.

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