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Tips For Buying Cheap Organic Food
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Tips for Buying Cheap Organic Food

There are a number of ways to find cheap organic food if you know how to go about it. One way would be to join clubs, you can also purchase shares and also buy organic food online.

When it comes to purchasing organic food online or offline the best way to get a good deal is to do your research. Even though organic food is no doubt slightly more expensive than regular food there is a good chance that you are paying way more for it than you would do if it’s coming from the supermarket. That said there are a number of alternatives to the supermarket that can help you save money regardless of what type of organic foods you may be interested in.

Research is imperative

The fact is that there could be a number of organic food choices in your community that you are not aware of. It requires a bit of research to find some great sources of food. There are organic associations in almost every country and city around the world. These associations advise on places where you can start searching for organic food from. Internet search engines can also be used to search for organic food sources around where you live.

Stop at local farmers’ markets

Local farmers’ markets are a great source of local produce. You should be able to find freshly picked cucumbers, oranges and tomatoes. These should taste a lot better than what you find in the supermarket and also be a lot cheaper. That said there are times when you may not see a sign that reads ‘Organic’, so you need to ask if the fruit and vegetables are organic since many times farmers who are switching to organic methods may not yet be approved or certified.

Purchase your share in community supported agriculture

When you purchase a share in the community supported program you are buying a portion of the farmer’s expenses. In return you will get weekly boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables with every upcoming harvest. This is the easiest way to ensure that you get farm fresh produce at a fraction of the retail price. However, initially shares are not cheap costing anywhere from $300 to $500. You also have the option to pay monthly and purchase a half share.

A co-op member

A cooperative is like a member owned business that provides a number of organically grown and raised products that include groceries at large discounts. The majority of products that you see at co-ops are usually grown organically and come mainly from local farms. The signup process is simple and you just pay a small fee. Some even give you the option to volunteer in exchange for fresh produce.

Join a buying club

This is one of the best ways to get organic food at a very low price. When you become a member you will get a 40% discount off the retail price of organic foods. You can also purchase in bulk and the split it with other members of the club. If you have a large family these clubs are a great way to buy in bulk and then store in a freezer what you don’t immediately use. Compared to what you buy from a supermarket these happen to be a lot fresher.

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