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Using Real Gold Lotion
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Using Real Gold Lotion

Since ancient times, gold has been considered a resource of kings and the wealthy. Many cultures and rulers have associated using or eating gold with health benefits, with the most extreme belief being that eating gold could make you immortal. Now if this were actually the case, people would all be living a lot longer, because eating gold has been going on for decades. For some people, using real gold lotion is highly desirable because of its potential to improve complexion and also because of the luxury associated with using gold.

Now admittedly, there is some truth to gold lotion improving skin quality, but this isn’t to do with the gold itself. Most lotions are designed to help your skin in some way or another, and adding gold to the lotion doesn’t decrease this. So if you add real flakes of gold to a hand lotion designed for dry skin, or to lotion attempts that decreases aging lines, then the lotion will do exactly the same thing it did before you added the gold to it.

Because gold is inert, you don’t need to worry about it causing any damage to your skin. In fact, it is completely safe even if you eat the gold, because edible gold doesn’t have any elements in it that could make you sick.

While gold doesn’t really give you any health benefits, it is still a luxury item that represents a chance for people to indulge. This can make people feel better about themselves, or make them feel like they are getting away from the stresses of day-to-day life.

If you are going to buy real gold lotion, you might need to be careful about the products that you choose. Gold is often considered to be a color, and this means that many products that say they are gold lotion simply mean that the lotion is gold colored or that there are flakes in the lotion that are the same color as gold.

The best way to find out whether you are looking at real gold lotion or not is to look for information about the purity of the gold. If the fine print tells you that it is 22, 23 or 24 karat, then there is real gold in the product, and probably either gold dust or gold flakes. However, if there is no information about how many karats the gold is, then there probably is not any gold in the lotion.

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