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What Is Honey?
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What is Honey?

Did you ever give much thought to honey? Some may think of honey as sweet nectar made by bees, but this natural food goes much further than that. Honey has been with us always. The Bible has numerous references to it. Prehistoric paintings on rocks discovered in Spain in the year 1919 show cavemen raiding a bee hive.

The fascinating thing about honey is that it is not only deeply rooted in history and folklore, but it also has properties that are nothing short of miraculous. The ancient Greeks believed they could prolong life with it. Some ate it daily, believing that if they could consume the right proportion it would double their lifespan. The great ancient scientist, Pythagoras, who first presented the theory to the world that the Earth was not only round but revolving in space, was intrigued with honey. He believed it could prolong life.

So what exactly is honey? It’s a complex substance that starts out as a watery, sugary fluid. We call this fluid nectar and the bees collect it from plants. The nectar is taken back to the hive where other bees go to work on it. When the honey is ready is has several distinct properties. One of these properties gives honey a great natural healing power and is called hygroscopicity, which refers to its attraction for moisture. The germs of a disease cannot live in the presence of honey because the honey’s hygroscopicity takes away the moisture that the germs need to survive.

Through the centuries honey has been used as a medicine. The Chinese used it on those who were suffering with smallpox. It cleared up the disease quickly and also prevented scarring. In more modern times, honey has been used as a dressing for wounds to prevent infection. Burns are said to respond very well to honey.

Honey is also reported to help ailments such as hay fever, sinusitis, and coughing. Many recipes can be found for mixing honey with other ingredients such as lemon juice that are said to cure a cough or cold.

And, of course, the cosmetic benefits of honey are not to be overlooked. It is used by the cosmetic industry for many products, especially lipsticks. Some women have used it for their skin and reported that it made their skin soft and supple.

There are several varieties of honey to choose from. Depending on your preference, there are light clover honeys with a mild taste and dark honeys with a stronger, full taste. The darker honeys are said to have a higher mineral content.

Why not experiment with different flavors? You might find some you really like. Keep a jar on hand for food and medicinal purposes. You might be glad you did.

Street Talk

Very interestin article. Honey is truly a miraculous food!

  about 1 decade ago

Great Article...I liked learning some of the history references to honey. I never knew all this. Thanks!

  about 1 decade ago

Glad you liked it, AnnMarie. I think in the future there will be even more exciting discoveries about honey.

  about 1 decade ago
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