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Why Organic?
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Why Organic?

Although there are no definitive evidence that organic food is more nutritious than regular, there are number of researches that suggest that is so. And there are more researches that can be connected to this topic and which give coincidental evidence in favor of organic food.

First of all, one thing is proven without a doubt, organic farming is much more friendly to the soil and existing ecosystem. Connected to that is recent, and very alarming, research that levels of phosphorus reserves are dangerously low. While everyone's eyes are fixed on lowering of fossil fuel, and pollution of water, this element, instrumental in survival of all living things is in "red zone" of available reserves.

Phosphorus is one of the basic elements for building DNA strains, without which our body would not be able to function. Because of increased demand for this element, regarding artificial fertilizers, current reserves estimate for couple of decades of use, not calculating constant increase in demand. And this is something easily avoided using organic farming, which do not depend on artificial, but on natural fertilizers.

Another question is nutritive value of food produced organically. Although both organic and classic food fulfill necessary requirements of nutrition, organic food has levels of some highly valuable components, such as antioxidants, vitamins, natural fibers, much higher than classical food, which only fulfills necessary minimum of our body needs.

Organic food also has many times lover, if any, levels of insecticide residues compared to classic. And also one might take in consideration taste, which is totally individual category, but which many testify is better in organic food.

If you choose to try with organic food, don't forget that there are some differences in conservation of organic food. Firstly, don't buy large supplies, as organic food is not treated with additives which slow the time it takes for food to spoil, so it's common sense to buy smaller amounts on more frequent basis.

Also always read the label when buying something you are not familiar with, organic food can be bad for you if you are sensitive to some components in it! And don't confuse terms - "organic" doesn't mean "sugar" or "salt" free, it's just food produced in more natural and ecological way, it's still has all the characteristics of it's classic counterpart!

I would call buying organic food investing in the future. If the world food market would force organic over classically grown food, ecological picture of the planet would change for the better, and that is my firm belief.

Street Talk

Good point about not buying organic food in bulk. A lot of people do not realise that organic is not treated to store as a lot of non-organic is. Also nice image. Richard

  about 1 decade ago
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