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Is Butter Lactose Free And What Are The Alternatives?
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Is Butter Lactose Free And What Are the Alternatives?

Can it be and how is butter lactose free? Finding out that you are lactose intolerant and that foods such as butter should be avoided can be frustrating to learn. Dairy products are used in many different foods whether they are processed or not. Butter is a product that is used in many recipes to simply being a topping to a vegetable.

The most common symptoms of being lactose intolerant that can be experienced are: gas, diarrhea, bloating and cramping. The symptoms as well as the duration and strength of each symptom will vary from person to person. The symptoms can also be symptoms for other medical ailments as well so if you are concerned that you may be lactose intolerant you should consult with your doctor.

When an individual is not able to tolerate lactose, the typical way of preventing any further symptoms is to change their diet. Changing the diet doesn’t mean that everything has to be cut out but it does mean that an educational process will begin. Reading labels is an absolute must to ensure no unwanted gas or cramping occurs. Since milk and its by-products are found in so many foods, it is imperative that you know what is in the foods that you are eating.

It must be noted that there will be times that you cannot control what you are eating but by having some idea will allow help you in balancing your diet. Some things you just have to have, foods such as butter enhances a number of foods such as vegetables, breads and popcorn. Is butter lactose free that you put on your food?

Butter itself cannot be lactose free. You could make your own butter but it can be time consuming; buying an alternative to butter is a better bet and makes life much simpler. If you have been wondering, is butter lactose free then the answer is no because it requires milk.

Do not let this discourage you because the alternatives that are available do rather a good job at imitating the real deal. You will even be surprised that your regular grocery store carries some quality dairy products that you can use. Several brands that you will find are: Shedd’s, Smart Balance and Earth Balance.

The butter alternatives can be purchased in a stick or spread form. If you will be using these in recipes when cooking and baking at home, they are usually used just the same as if it was real butter. If the recipe calls for 2 Tablespoons of butter then you would use 2 Tablespoons of the alternative product. On a side note, because salt is added to these products you may want to reduce the amount of salt that the recipe calls for.

You may be wondering if you could just use margarine. You can as long as it’s Pareve as many margarines contain buttermilk, casein or whey. Remember, you need to read labels. Knowing the answer to the question “Is butter lactose free?” will be disappointing at first but the alternatives can lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Yes we all love butter. Butter adds flavor to many foods along with lots of calories and unwanted fats and cholesterol too. Don’t consider the answer of is butter lactose free being negative, consider it an opportunity to broaden your daily menu options.

Having the knowledge of what foods are lactose free will ensure a healthy digestive system.

E. David Fenton is an expert on lactose intolerance and information on a lactose free diets.

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