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Orthotic Insoles Can Help All Kinds Of Pain
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It’s about time that people start to seriously consider the idea of wearing custom insoles. There are so many various medical conditions that are treated or eliminated by wearing them that considering their cost; it makes perfect sense to buy orthotics. Custom orthopedic insoles are a significant preventative measure against issues that may occur in the future and are equally recommended by doctors and podiatrists alike. They provide the wearer with significantly more comfort than simply wearing shoes with the factory provided insole still in place. Feet are just as unique as fingerprints; they all have different shapes, different lengths and different widths and therefore require their own unique platform to walk on.

Walking in a pair of shoes provides one with protection against all kinds of external harm and internal wear and tear. However, over time, simply walking will wear away the various joints, muscles and bones in the feet. We use our feet every day of our lives, taking thousands of steps and placing as much as two or three times our body weight on them, on every step. It is inevitable then that our feet wind up suffering so much as time goes on. Even just a couple of millimeters of extra support can provide the wearer so much more comfort. When one imagines it, one millimeter can be very small, but multiply it by the thousands of steps we take a day, times the hundreds of days in the year, that distance becomes tremendous, and if one factors in the years in someone’s life, the number becomes astronomical.

Imagine now a pair of orthotics that instead of providing a 1% increase in comfort, now provides the feet with 100% more surface area with which to diffuse the weight of the body. The entire foot is used to carry all of those pounds, instead of just a few contact points that are overworked and overused. Custom orthotics do all of that and more. Orthotics realign joints that have fallen out of position while simultaneously working to heal any other conditions that may be affecting the feet.

Doctors, podiatrists, and physical therapists know all of those things and regularly suggest orthotics to their patients to help treat them of a variety of conditions. Furthermore, since orthotics encourage good posture and a normal walking gait, they are regularly used to re-teach people to walk after a major trauma. With all of that in mind, is there anything they can’t do?

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