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Tips For Spider Veins On Legs
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Today I would like to list a few little tricks to prevent spider vein legs and problems related to varicose veins: the beauty bath.

The beauty bath is an ancient practice that has been used also by the Greeks and the Romans. Its relaxation and healing effects were well known already at that time.

Let’s try to figure out how we can make a beauty bath at home, using our hot tub (for those who have it) or a normal one along with herbs, salts, oils, etc.

Cold beauty baths: The cold baths should be performed at an average water temperature of about 15° (celsius). They must be very short, especially if you are not accustomed to them: the weather can vary from 15 seconds to 1 min. Once immersed is recommended to move your arms and legs. The goal is to energize, invigorate, and slightly accelerate your heart rate. These cold baths are very good when you feel tired, fatigued or after a hot summer day. They can make miracles on your legs especially if you have the tendency of suffering from varicose veins and fragile capillaries. The cold also increases the defenses of the immune system.

After the bath, smear on your legs a Calendola based cream (put it in the refrigerator one hour before, it will give your legs a nice and fresh feeling) then go and rest on your bed for half an hour with your legs lifted.

The cold baths are not recommended for people suffering from hypertension or heart disease. Fill the tub with water temperature varying between 13° and 18° (celsius). The lowest temperature is more suitable for young people or for those with great vitality. The first time be there for a maximum of five minutes and just walk back and forth while standing in the tub. After a few days when your body gets used to lower temperatures, you can try siting in the tub for up to 5 min. When you feel ready (and at least 20 days had passed), you can finally experience the thrill of diving with your whole body into the water. It’s important that also your neck gets into the water. Don’t forget to keep moving your arms and legs around for at least one minute.

The benefits of these baths include:

· increased production of sex hormones

· increased fertility

· reduced sexual function problems such as impotence

· increased immunity, particularly lymphocytes

· enhancement of blood clotting

· increased energy

One last tip: if you want to enhance the effect of the cold bath, and you want to keep your legs beautiful and always relaxed, then it is very important to wear compression socks DAYLY.

What are compression socks?

Compression socks exert graduated pression on your legs from bottom up, meaning that you will get more pressure on your ankle that decreases as it goes up to your thights. They can really prevent Varicose Veins disease, therefore never underestimate their power!

Good Cold bath to everyone!

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