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Treating Ankle Pain With Orthotic Insoles
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Ankle pain is not an uncommon medical complaint. Medical practitioners and physiotherapists in particular, divide ankle pain in two broad categories: sudden onset ankle pain and gradual onset ankle pain.

Sudden onset ankle pain, more commonly referred to as a sprained ankle, occurs when the individual misplaces his footing and causes an inward rotation of the ankle which damages the ligaments of the joint. Gradual onset pain, on the other hand, has a myriad of causes. It can occur in active people who run or walk a lot, especially on uneven surfaces or when wearing inappropriate shoes. Other causes for this type of ankle pain include tendonitis and arthritis.

A sprained ankle can usually be treated by paying a visit to an orthopedist that will immobilize the joint and possible prescribe pain killers, if the discomfort of the patient is too high. However, the treatment for gradual onset pain ankle is somewhat more complex. The first step is to eliminate any underlying medical causes.

Next, the patient with gradual onset ankle pain has to focus on adopting an exercising regimen that does not worsen the state of the ankle. For example, if the patient in question is a runner, he or she should consider choosing a more leveled course, and avoid running on rugged ground or on the beach. The patient can also contact a physiotherapist who can show him a series of exercises meant to alleviate pain and strain on the joint. If the cause of the pain is inappropriate shoes, the person should consider investing in a pair of shoes that absorbs shocks and is more fitted for long walks and runs.

Another useful tool in the treatment of ankle pain is using orthotic insoles. You can customize them to the dimensions of your feet and all you have to do is place them in your shoes and go about your daily routine. Orthotic insoles help take some of the load the ankles have to endure and in this way they can help reduce the pain caused by straining ligaments and muscles in this area. Orthotic insoles are an investment that will avoid strains on your ankle as well as on your budget.

People who are generally very active and enjoy long runs can use orthotic insoles as a preventive measure, even if they do not experience any ankle pain at the moment. After all, it is always better to prevent, than to treat.

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